Simple payment by card or with coins

Operating costs for laundry care in communal laundry rooms are allocated according to the costs-by-cause principle – reliable, fair and straightforward. Schulthess offers the right payment system for every requirement and makes communal laundry accounting transparent. Cash or card? You can choose from two systems.

New: the integrated PrePaid Card System

The Schulthess PrePaid Card is a stored credit card that the caretaker can easily top up on a computer using special PC software, or directly on the machine. It operates contact-free via wireless, with an RFID chip to ensure reliable data transmission without wear (of the magnetic strip, for example). The new PrePaid Card System – which can be integrated into all topLine models on request – provides total cost transparency at all times: the costs of washing or drying programmes are shown on the display and are debited directly from the card.

New PrePaid Card System: single or twin

The PrePaid Card System can either be integrated into a topLine model or retrofitted as a wall-mounted card reader for existing machines. If you would like to connect two machines, for example a washing machine and a dryer, we recommend the twin card reader (may also be combined with the room air laundry dryer). The caretaker can top up the card and programme the consumption tariff individually on the same device.

New: Coin System

The Schulthess Coin System – a classic payment system – is still easy to operate and reliable in operation. Tenants are able to operate the units, which are connected to a washing machine or a dryer, with 10-centime to 5-franc coins. A display shows the remaining washing or drying time. Attractive features for caretakers: coin boxes are simple to programme and the cash cassettes are easy to empty. The device automatically rejects faulty coins.

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