Schulthess has been the leading Swiss washing technology group since 1845 and stands for innovation in laundry care. As a pioneer, Schulthess constantly breaks new ground with the aim of simplifying everyday life.

This Swiss company with a long tradition develops and produces high-quality machines, systems and system solutions for private, commercial and industrial customers. National and international sales are supplemented by professional services. Schulthess appliances stand out for their high functionality, performance and durability, represent premium Swiss quality and are in use around the world.

Wasch wie ein Profi:
mit nachhaltigen Premiumgeräten –
der Umwelt und dem Portemonnaie zuliebe.
Thomas Marder, CEO

Wash like a pro: with sustainable premium appliances – for the sake of the environment and your wallet.

Thomas Marder, CEO

People spin for different reasons: Children for fun and adults to stay fit or become happy - like dancing, for example. Schulthess has another reason: since 1845, their machines and the company itself have been spinning for joy!

Leading Brands of Schulthess

The Schulthess one-stop shop makes sustainable, innovative laundry solutions accessible to a broad market worldwide. Customers thus benefit from premium products at the best price/performance ratio, reliable, readily available customer service, as well as many years of combined expertise in laundry technology. These are your Schulthess one-stop shop professionals:

Leading Brands of Schulthess

Key data

Facts about Schulthess


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Occupational Safety





ISO 9001

ISO 14001

EKAS 6501


Just in time



Swiss quality 

Swiss tradition.
Swiss innovation. 

The advantages of our location are obvious – for us and for you.

Since the foundation of our company, Swiss made has stood first and foremost for the Swiss quality of our products – it’s no coincidence that the robustness and durability of our machines are legendary. But the Swiss location has other advantages as well: We can respond flexibly to our customers’ wishes and produce just in time. This means that we manufacture to order, which guarantees short delivery times. Schulthess quality products are popular all over the world for good reason and are used reliably everywhere.


Go clean. Go green.

Impressive: The energy and water consumption of Schulthess machines has fallen almost sevenfold over the last 40 years. In 1975 a washing machine still needed 55 litres of water per kilogram of laundry; today it is 88% less, just 6.8 litres. Equally astonishing is energy consumption: In 1975 one kilogram of laundry needed 0.49 kWh, today it is 0.08 kWh.

Those who choose Schulthess therefore wash in a particularly sustainable way.

In addition, the Swiss location guarantees a great deal of flexibility and short transport routes, meaning fewer pollutant emissions are caused and roads are not unnecessarily burdened. In this way, Schulthess significantly reduces its ecological footprint.

Energy consumption kWh/kg


Water consumption l/kg


Smart IoT solutions for Schulthess appliances

Digital Solutions

Schulthess provides clever IoT solutions with washMaster or serviceMaster and is constantly refining them. With washMaster, Schulthess offers the first digital and fully integrated payment system for laundry rooms and launderettes in Europe. Machine use can now be billed easily and digitally for the first time. Not only tenants, but also launderette users, can book their time slots in advance in the virtual calendar. Laundry operators or property managers have control and an overview of the entire machine pool with washMaster. With the launch of serviceMaster, maintenance work or repairs can also be ordered and carried out automatically.


Intelligent technology. Everyday life becomes more relaxed. 

Schulthess simplifies your everyday washing with many technical innovations. The easy-to-use Smart-Control panel and the Supersilent function are just two examples of Schulthess’s clever ideas.


Silent Motor is also a real innovation. It provides powerful washing and its design makes it practically maintenance-free. It is also responsible for the machine’s outstanding energy efficiency (up to A+++) and extreme durability even at high spin speeds. And all this with a minimal noise level. Everyday life ⁣⁣⁣becomes even more relaxed.


Schulthess is particularly proud of its invention of 3D washing. Thanks to specially shaped and arranged carriers, the laundry moves in the drum in three dimensions: from top to bottom, from left to right and from front to back. For all-round clean, well-tended laundry. 


Our expertise for you

Planning and support

Schulthess sets up a large number of laundry facilities and laundry rooms every year. Benefit from this expertise and discuss your requirements with our experts at an early stage.

Customer service

With over 120 customer service employees in Switzerland and a qualified partner network abroad, Schulthess offers an all-round carefree package for customers in both the private and professional sectors.

Red Dot Award

Design is the interplay of details. 

Schulthess machines are impressive from the outside and the inside. The clear design language of our appliances represents from the outside what they contain: innovative technology in premium quality. The scaled-back design with the angular chrome-plated doors is the visual hallmark of Schulthess appliances. Which is why our Spirit models have been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award design prize. To ensure that the appliances fit perfectly into the living space, they are available in pure white as well as in elegant anthracite. This makes washing an all-round experience.

Corporate values 

Since it was founded, Schulthess has stood for Swiss quality. It is no coincidence that the robustness and durability of our machines are legendary. We are also committed to pioneering innovations that make our customers’ everyday lives easier, as well as to sustainable production and a first-class energy balance.

Furthermore, we stand for sound business ethics with excellent working conditions and respect for human rights. Responsible purchasing and a high level of transparency, also with regard to Schulthess’s social commitment, are a matter of course for Schulthess.

Mission statement


Schulthess is constantly striving to further increase its innovative strength in order to introduce new, highly competitive products to the market more quickly, creating target market-specific appliances under the Schulthess brands with objectively recognisable added value.

In doing so, Schulthess strives to effectively network appliances and services and to drive forward the automation and digitalisation of processes. Decentralised management, empowerment and encouragement of employees and practised occupational safety round off our mission statement.


Corporate history 


Nachhaltiges Waschmittel Flow

From a building plumber’s shop to the leading supplier of washing machines and dryers – the Schulthess success story. 



Foundation of Bauspenglerei Kaspar Schulthess in Zurich



1. Production

Manufacture of the first washing appliance




Acquisition of the manufacturing building in Wolfhausen ZH



Punch card controls

Invention of punch card control for washing machines



Domestic washing machines

Production of the first domestic washing machine in Europe



Opening of Schulthess Vienna​

The first base outside of Switzerland



Launch of an automatic washing machine with a microprocessor


Merker AG

Acquisition of Merker AG, Baden



Alpha-Innotec GmbH / Calmotherm AG

Acquisition of Alpha-Innotec GmbH, Kasendorf (Germany), and Calmotherm AG, Altishofen (Switzerland)


Schulthess gets a new owner in NIBE



Launch of the new WMI commercial machines



Spirit private households

Launch of NEW Spirit generation for private households


Spirit apartment blocks

Launch of NEW Spirit generation for apartment blocks


Acquisition of Ferrum Waschtechnik AG


Launch of washMaster:

The first digital payment system for laundry rooms


Schulthess acquires Wolf Laundry Ltd.

 in the United Kingdom


Schulthess gains additional new owners

with Helvetica Capital, Thomas Marder (CEO) and Martin Keller (CFO)


Acquisition of Permatech

manufacturer of automatic dosing systems


Launch of The Game Changer

The new Generation of proLine with W65/W80/W100



Acquisition of Brewer & Bunney

Laundry expert in the UK


Launch of washMaster 2.0

the intelligent platform for connected washing


Launch of Flow Homecare

Flow, the first sustainable laundry detergent without palm oil and microplastics, but with a highly concentrated formulation.

Nachhaltiges Waschmittel Flow


New headquarters​

Positioning with adapted Group structure as a provider of system solutions. New headquarters of Schulthess Maschinen AG in Cham ZG. Schulthess Produktion AG remains in Wolfhausen.


Acquisition of GMP ​

Leading manufacturer of ironing machines for flat linen in Europe, based in Italy​



Acquisition of Chemie AG

Professional partner in all areas of cleaning.


Schulthess subsidiary acquires Pee Gee Ltd.

Professional partner in all areas of cleaning.

Pee gee


Launch of speedUp

First premium sports detergent from the Flow Collection, developed with Switzerland's fastest woman Mujinga Kambundji.

Positioning with adapted Group structure as a provider of system solutions. New headquarters of Schulthess Maschinen AG in Cham ZG. Schulthess Produktion AG remains in Wolfhausen.