Values & Goals

In today’s world, people don’t just buy products, they buy a brand. This means that they are not only interested in the features or functions of a product, but also in the values, goals and mission of a company. Schulthess defines its identity with a clear purpose and a differentiated approach that sets it apart from the competition. This clear positioning forms the basis for long-term trust and for an emotional bond with employees and customers, laying the foundation for Schulthess’s long-term success.

Purpose – Vision – Mission

Water moves us. Our Purpose Vision Mission Statement is underpinned by water imagery. That is no mere chance: Water is symbolic of laundry care. Because it plays a central role in the cleaning and care of clothing. Schulthess takes responsibility in dealing with this vital resource. Water moves not only Schulthess, but all of humanity.

Corporate values

Since it was founded, Schulthess has stood for Swiss quality. It is no coincidence that the robustness and durability of our machines are legendary. We are also committed to pioneering innovations that make our customers’ everyday lives easier, as well as to sustainable production and a first-class energy balance. Furthermore, we stand for sound business ethics with excellent working conditions and respect for human rights. Responsible purchasing and a high level of transparency, also with regard to Schulthess’s social commitment, are a matter of course for Schulthess.


Schulthess ist stets bestrebt, die Innovationskraft weiter zu steigern, um rascher neue, wettbewerbsstarke Produkte am Markt einzuführen und dabei zielmarktspezifische Geräte unter den Marken Schulthess mit objektiv erkennbarem Mehrwert zu schaffen. Dabei strebt Schulthess danach, Geräte und Dienstleistungen wirksam zu vernetzen sowie die Automatisierung und Digitalisierung von Prozessen voranzutreiben. Schulthess denkt zukunftsgerichtet und möchte fortlaufend erforderliche Kompetenzen und Fähigkeiten ausbauen und Partnerschaften stärken. Auch Umweltschutz und Energieeffizienz will Schulthess verstärkt berücksichtigen sowie neue Formen der Zusammenarbeit, im Sinne von neuen Arbeitswelten und interdisziplinären Teams, leben. Eine dezentralisierte Führung, das Befähigen und Bestärken der Mitarbeitenden und gelebte Arbeitssicherheit runden unser Leitbild ab.

Mission statement

Schulthess is constantly striving to further increase its innovative strength in order to introduce new, highly competitive products to the market more quickly, creating target market-specific appliances under the Schulthess brands with objectively recognisable added value. In doing so, Schulthess strives to effectively network appliances and services and to drive forward the automation and digitalisation of processes. Decentralised management, empowerment and encouragement of employees and practised occupational safety round off our mission statement.