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Fast drying times

Dryers in community laundries must be fast. Schulthess dryers transform 8 kilograms of cotton textiles into cabinet-dry laundry in a mere 69 minutes.

Practical machine cleaning programme

Hygiene is a key issue in communal laundry rooms. To prevent dirt and pathogens from being passed on from one tenant to another, we have developed the Autoclean self-cleaning programme.

A world first:
front or top operating panel

Whether you prefer programming your Schulthess machine from the front standard position or from the new top position – the choice is yours.

Save space with the tower combination

Half a square meter – that's all the space you need to set up a Schulthess washing machine and dryer as a combined washing and drying tower. The practical tower combination set makes it possible.

Schulthess dryers for apartment blocks

Robust, fast, efficient: Schulthess dryers are designed for the everyday challenges of communal laundries and operate with little wear and maintenance-free. The third Spirit topLine generation features automatic self-cleaning with direct drainage – a real innovation!

Special programmes

Language selection button
Tenants in apartment blocks speak many languages – this is why our machines are very good at languages: they can communicate in up to 10 languages, from English and Spanish to French, Italian, Croat and Russian. To choose the preferred language, simply use the language selection button.
LED drum lighting
The convenient drum lighting allows for a full overview of the drum during loading and unloading. 
Time preset
24-hour time preset is so yesterday! Today a Schulthess machine can be programmed a whole 7 days in advance. The integrated date function with automatic start and end time calculator provides you with more flexibility for your time management. Particularly practical: automatic time change function summer/winter.
Additional programmes
9 programmes for special laundry. Do you want to dry bed linen or towels, shirts or blouses, jeans, synthetics or delicate woollen pullovers? Not a problem for our dryers – just pushing a button is enough.
The automatic cleaning cycle during and after the drying process protects the heat exchanger from clogging, and ensures perfect operation with constant drying performance.
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