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The new washMaster.

Digital payment system.

With washMaster, you get a perfect masterplan for cashless payment in your laundry room. Tenants can now use communal washing machines with their own digital account. Cards no longer need to be topped up via the janitor, nor laundry cycles monitored or allocated to specific accounts. An overview of machine use is available at the click of a button.

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Digital payment – more transparency for laundry rooms.

Benefits for property managers:

  • All-round solution for digital payment in laundry rooms
  • No invoicing required
  • No staff required thanks to automated processes
  • Full control over tenant laundry services and usage

Benefits for tenants:

  • Flexible machine use
  • Transparent costs
  • Metered service
  • Controlled costs 

Benefits for property owners:

  • Low investment costs
  • Rental models available
  • Increases desirability of property

Das neue digitale Zahlungssystem im «Special Immobilienwirtschaft» der Handelszeitung

Weshalb die Gemeinschaftswaschküche dank neuen digitalen Lösungen ein Revival erfahren dürfte.

Lesen Sie jetzt den ganzen Artikel der Handelszeitung im Special Immobilienwirtschaft.

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Extremely simple and self-explanatory.

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1. Order

Order our machines with integrated washMaster for your apartment block. Or order a washMaster module for your existing machines, regardless of brand.


2. Register

As a property manager, you can use your order confirmation to register on the washMaster website and configure your laundry rates.


3. wireless LAN

Your local electrician or one of our partners can then install internet access in your laundry room so that it can connect to wireless LAN.

4. Delivery

Within a short space of time, our service team will deliver the new machines or upgrade your existing machines. They will then connect the washing machines and dryers to washMaster via wireless LAN.

5. washMaster card

Each tenant is issued a washMaster card which they can use to register. They can check their credit balance on the card at any time – either online or via the machine.

6. Topping up credit on the card

Tenants have two options for topping up credit on the card, and one option for paying directly:

  • Online: credit can be topped up via credit card or e-banking
  • Offline: credit can be topped up via pay-in slip
  • Directly: via Twint at the machine

7. Customer service

If a tenant loses their washMaster card, they can order a replacement card from our customer service for a small fee.

The washMaster with smart value-added services.

Maintain control with a single click – washMaster paves the way. You receive a constant and detailed overview of all machines, and your tenants enjoy a higher level of flexibility.

Make your property more desirable for tenants:

  1. Your tenants can reserve their preferred laundry slot online or via the app. This enables users to remain flexible and even use the machines spontaneously where available. A service which your tenants are sure to appreciate greatly!
  2. Tenants will also be notified when their laundry cycle finishes. This will enable them to empty the machine more promptly and avoid disputes in the laundry room. Leaving your tenants more content and less likely to move on!

Minimise your organisational work in the laundry room:
You receive an ongoing overview of the usage and utilisation rate of machines in your laundry room – showing you whether it is suitably equipped to meet the level of demand.

washMaster packages:

Professional +

Topping up laundry credit via:

  • Payment (offline or e-banking)
  • Credit card
  • Twint

washMaster app functions:

  • Check credit balance
  • Online diary
  • Push notifications (laundry cycle finished)
  • Reporting (use /utilisation rate)


Topping up laundry credit via:

  • Payment (offline or e-banking)
  • Credit card
  • Twint

washMaster app functions:

  • Check credit balance
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