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Hygienically clean with Schulthess

Hygiene requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Schulthess offers innovative and tested disinfection programmes to meet these needs.

Schulthess - the leader in fabric disinfection

To offer support to those responsible for hygiene in commercial laundry operations, Schulthess has further advanced the temperature control of its industrial washing machines by conducting extensive laboratory tests. Software developers and process technicians used the results of these tests to develop new disinfection programmes. The new programmes, in combination with RKI- and VAH-listed detergents, offer protection and guarantee hygienically clean and germ-free laundry. Additionally, individual, reliable, customer-specific programmes can be developed with the new temperature control system. Not least because of the close cooperation with detergent suppliers and research institutes, Schulthess has established itself as a leader in providing professional disinfection programmes.

Schulthess- Führender Hersteller im Bereich Textildesinfektion- Schulthess Waschmaschine

Innovative: available for all machines

All models of the Spirit topLine, proLine and industrial product lines are already equipped with disinfection programmes to properly prepare and thermally or hemothermally disinfect a wide variety of fabrics.

Optimised use with the new disinfect button

With the new disinfect button Schulthess has further simplified the use of the disinfection programmes for our customers. The button is conveniently placed on the control panel of the topLine and proLine washing machines to quickly and easily select the disinfect cycle.

Schulthess--Optimierte Anwendung-Die neue desinfect Taste-Schulthess Waschmaschinen
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Schulthess programmes: effectiveness confirmed by wfk

The programmes can only be fully effective if the washing machines are properly equipped. Schulthess machines offer precise temperature control and hold time, guaranteed bath ratios of 1:5, and ensure that the disinfection process is completed after the main wash cycle to provide the necessary reliability and to guarantee hygienically clean and germ-free laundry. The effectiveness of the Schulthess programmes was tested and confirmed by the wfk Institute for Applied Research in Krefeld, Germany. All thermally and chemothermally disinfected washing processes of Schulthess washing machines (8 to 30 kg) conform to the standards of the Association for Applied Hygiene and the Robert Koch Institute.

Disinfection programmes - Spirit topLine and Spirit proLine

  • Disinfection wash programmes for cotton and easy care fabrics;
  • the 40°C and 60°C (disinfect) wash programmes chemo-thermally disinfect the laundry for 20 minutes (bath ratio 1:5);
  • the 95°C (disinfect) boil wash programmethermally disinfects the laundry for 15 minutes at 85°C (bath ratio 1:5)

Disinfection programmes - Spirit topLine, Spirit proLine and industrial

  • 40°C outerwear, including prewash (20 minutes at 40°C / 1:5 / VAH);
  • 60°C coloureds, including prewash (20 minutes at 60°C / 1:5 / VAH);
  • 95°C boil wash, including prewash (15 minutes at 85°C / 1:5 / VAH);
  • 60°C cleaning mops, including prerinse (20 minutes at 60°C / 1:5 / VAH);
  • 70°C cleaning mops, including prerinse (10 minutes at 70°C / 1:5 / VAH);
  • 60°C coloureds, withour prewash (20 minutes at 60°C / RKI);
  • 95°C boil wash, without prewash (15 minutes at 85°C / RKI)
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