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Stabiles, verchromtes Gestell. Mit IPG-Deckellackierung als Schutz gegen Keime und Bakterien. Deckeldämpfung und bremswirkendes Tretpedal inklusive.
Deckelfarben: weiss, grau, blau und rot. Bitte bei der Bestellung die Deckelfarben angeben, bei der zweifachen Ausführung von links nach rechts.

H/B/T: 890x455x452 mm (Einteilig)
H/B/T: 890x720x452 mm (Zweiteilig)
H/B/T: 890x1105x452 mm (Dreiteilig)

Laundry soaking cart

Made of polyester. The container is resistant to alkaline solutions and disinfectants. With drain cock, 4 steering rollers.

L/W/H: 76x56x69 cm


Aus Polyester. Der Behälter ist laugen- und desinfektionsmittelbeständig. 
Mit Auslaufhahn, 4 Lenkrollen.

L/B/H: 800x660x725 mm

Volumen: 215 Liter

Roller container

Made of steel tube, colorless finish. Laundry can be transported stored flat, hanging or mixed flat/hanging. 2 steering wheels and 2 stand wheels.

Size 1, L/W/H: 60x81x152 cm
Size 2, L/W/H: 72,5x91x180 cm

Other models on request

Dirty laundry cart

Sorting cart. Light metal with 4 steering wheels. With PVC edge protection, stackable. Contents approx. 25 kg dry laundry.

L/W/H: 73x58x74 cm

Other sizes on request


Umlaufendes, stabiles Rand- und Bodenprofil zur Verstärkung der Behälterwände. Wände mit Sicken stabilisiert. Geringes Eigengewicht.
Sehr robust und formstabil. Spurlose Vollgummibereifung mit Rollenlagerung und Fadenschutz. Radfeststeller an 2 Lenkrollen.

Grössen auf Anfrage.

Laundry cart

Suitable for many purposes. Light metal. One side hinged. 2 steering wheels and 2 stand wheels. Contents approx. 45-60 kg dry laundry.

L/W/H: 93x53x99 cm

Other models on request

Laundry trolley with spring base

Cushioned bottom. Suitable for many purposes (no more stooping). Anodized light metal, movable bottom, 4 steering rollers. Upper edge reinforced with light metal profile with plastic padding. Contents approx. 50 kg dry laundry.

L/W/H: 112x69x86 cm

Sorting and stacking table

Adjustable height from 70 to 90 cm, synthetic coating and hardwood edges; stationary or movable with 4 steering rollers with brakes. Frame promatized, enameled.

L/W: 185x80 cm
L/W: 200x80 cm

Other models on request

Flat bed scale

Sturdy steel sheet construction. Scale capacity up to 600 kg. Scale increments 100/500 g or electronic display unit.

Other models on request

Ironing board

Stable swivel-arm system with sleeve board and automatic operation switch for suction/blowing. Connections: electric and water.

Other models and dimensions on request

Clothes stands

Made of iron, high gloss chrome-plated with 2 lateral pullouts à 20 cm. Movable with 4 steering rollers, 2 of them with brakes.

L/W/H: 146x63x160 cm

Other models on request

Light metal box

For clean laundry. Ideal combination of transport and stacking. Anodized light metal, front open. 2 shell handles. Stackable. For approx. 10 kg dry laundry per box.

L/W/H: 76x49x32 cm

Movable undercarriage made of light metal with 4 steering wheels. Height 15 cm.

Shelf cart

Anodized light metal, with surrounding plastic protection, 2 sliding handles, 2 or 3 trays, 4 steering rollers.

L/W/H: 101x50x145 cm, 2 trays
L/W/H: 133x58x123 cm, 2 trays
L/W/H: 133x58x145 cm, 2 trays
L/W/H: 133x58x163 cm, 3 trays


Leichtmetall eloxiert, mit umlaufendem Kunststoffabweiser, 2 Schiebegriffe, 
2 oder 3 Tablare, 4 Lenkrollen.

L/B/H: 958x500x1458 mm, 2 Tablare
L/B/H: 1268x580x1458 mm, 2 Tablare
L/B/H: 1268x580x1296 mm, 2 Tablare
L/B/H: 1268x580x1626 mm, 3 Tablare

Shelf trolley for storage boxes

Light metal frame with surrounding plastic protection for 6 open storage boxes. For storing personal laundry.

L/W/H: 142x59x166 cm (for 18 open storage boxes)

4 steering rollers. Open boxes available in 4 different colors (red, blue, yellow, green).

Other models on request

Cabinet trolley

With lockable doors, hinged. Anodized light metal, 2 sliding handles. Plastic-padded protective frame. For approx. 100 kg dry laundry. 2 steering wheels and 2 stand wheels with 2 trays.

L/W/H: 123x65x181 cm

Other models on request

Light metal baskets

Bottom reinforced with hardwood skid strips, 2 shell handles, stackable. Edge with surrounding pressed sections.

L/W/H: 73x46x29 cm
L/W/H: 73x46x42 cm

Movable undercarriage made of light metal with 4 steering wheels, height 15 cm or 44

Laundry distribution cart

For housekeeping. Anodized light metal with 2 hinged bag holder, 2 trays, 4 steering rollers and surrounding plastic protection. Suitable for clean laundry and cleaning agents.

L/W/H: 74x108x115 cm

Other models on request


They provide the required compressed air for various consumers in laundries, e.g., for washing machines, tumblers, laundry ironing machines, presses, etc. With compressed air container, motor protection, switch and elastic bearing.

Laundry Rack Cart

Steel construction powder-coated, white, 4 steering rollers, rubber tired x 10 cm, 2 of them with brakes.

L/W/H: 100x50x95 cm
L/W/H: 150x50x95 cm
L/W/H: 180x50x95 cm
L/W/H: 200x50x95 cm

Mannequin Finisher

With steam generator. Basic device with seam tensioner, pressure strips, adjustable height busts, reverse pressure strip. Very small space requirement, only 2m2.

Pants finisher with integrated steam generator

The patented drive system facilitates exact longitudinal tensioning through integrated Anti Stretch Control. The loading position is easily switched from long to short pants by means of a foot pedal.

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