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Hand-over service

For perfectly clean machines – regardless of brand

Schulthess machines are known not only for hygienic cleanliness, but also for their sturdy and durable build. However, both aspects rely on meticulous maintenance. Our professional hand-over service (which is also available for machines from all competitor brands) ensures that washing machines, dryers and dishwashers have a longer service life and are left in spotless condition for new tenants. Which makes sure everyone is satisfied – you as well as your customers.

The Schulthess hand-over service package includes the following services:

  • We check that all machines and all settings are functional
  • We conduct a visual check for faults and cleanliness
  • We check for leaks and for wear and tear
  • We monitor the laundry drum (for dryers and washing machines)
  • We monitor the water jets in dishwashers
  • We descale and disinfect the machines using a special cleaning agent

All tasks are performed by our qualified service technicians. This ensures the process is completed smoothly and you can rely fully on the results. You are your new tenants will be delighted!

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Professional hand-over service

Per apartment containing washing machine, dryer and dishwasher
CHF 220*

*Price includes VAT and cleaning materials. Replacement parts are not included.
Offer valid until 30-06-2019.

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