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Laundry symbols

The following contains an overview of customary laundry symbols, signs and care symbols. Click the PDF and download the overview of laundry symbols to hang up in your laundry room.


Cotton wash (maximum)

Synthetic wash (medium)

Wool wash (minimum)

Hand wash only


Do not tumble dry

Tumble dry (high temperature)

Tumble dry (low temperature)

Tumble dry

Dry flat

Hang to dry

Do not spin dry

Dry cleaning

May be cleaned using the wet-clean process.

May be dry cleaned*
*May be dry cleaned. Other letters and / or a line under the circle inform the dry cleaners of the process required.


Chlorine bleach may be used

Chlorine bleach should not be used


Cold iron - acrylics, nylon, polyester

Warm iron - polyester mix, wool

Hot iron - cotton, linen, viscose

Do not iron

Download here washing symbols as a pdf-file (56 kB)
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