Schulthess × Mujinga Kambundji

Schulthess and Mujinga Kambundji – a world-class combination

The fast track and field athlete from Bern clearly stands out from her competition. A gold medal at the World and European Indoor Championships in the 60m and a bronze medal at the 2019 World Championships in the 200m are among her achievements. Mujinga is the fastest woman Switzerland has ever had and the first to break the magic barrier of 11 seconds over 100m. With her personal best times of 10.89 seconds over 100m and 22.06 seconds over 200m, she is the Swiss record holder.

You can find out more about Mujinga on her Website, Instagram and Facebook.

In FLOW with performance

Top achievers! It’s not just Mujinga Kambundji who knows this – the new Schulthess detergent speedUp for sportswear also has to deliver. The top Swiss athlete helped develop the fragrance of the new detergent from the Flow line. That’s why everything that is important to Mujinga and us has gone into its creation: no palm oil, no microplastics, packaging made from 100% recycled PET and fragrance molecules that are degradable in nature.

Mujinga Kambundji

Mujinga washes

To deliver top performance, the gear has to be right. That’s why Mujinga’s washing routine not only includes the efficient and sustainable Schulthess sports detergent speedUp, but she also puts her trust in our innovative washing machines and dryers. “A simply unbeatable combination,” says the athlete. Watch the film to see what’s important to Mujinga when it comes to laundry care.

Mujinga’s fragrance

Fragrances do a lot to make us feel good in our skin. It’s no different for a sportswoman. The freshness of grapefruit, green lawn and a light sea breeze, of mint, geranium and citrus peel delicately and unobtrusively envelops the freshly washed fabrics. “That’s what success smells like!” laughs Mujinga.