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Red Dot Award

Red Dot Award

Major recognition for Schulthess: the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers receive the highest Red Dot Award «Best of the Best» for trendsetting design in the Household category.

International award for the NEW generation of Spirit machines

Major recognition for Schulthess: the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers receive the highest Red Dot Award «Best of the Best» for trendsetting design in the Household category.

Today, washing machines and dryers are a part of your living space

And that is why the elegant, linear and stylish design of the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers also shows on the outside what they are made of on the inside: sophisticated technology and unparalleled innovation.

This is what convinced the international expert jury, which presents the yearly Red Dot Award, as well. 41 independent jurors individually judged various criteria such as degree of innovation, ergonomics, product silhouette, symbolic and emotional value, quality consciousness, and ecological footprint of a product. They awarded the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers with the coveted Red Dot Award «Best of the Best» in the area product design in the Household category. Schulthess is excited about this recognition and proud that its washing machines and dryer convince from functionality to design. And with that make life a little easier - and more beautiful - for women and men.

3D-Washing for perfect washing results

3D-Washing for perfect washing results

3D-Washing moves the laundry in a third dimension (new – now also from front to back) and thus increases the mechanical washing action.

The innovative 3D drum with 6 drum vanes guarantees perfect wash results and maximum value preservation of your textiles. We new Spirit washing machines with the specially formed and cleverly arranged 3D drum vanes wash in a new dimension: The 3D-Washing process adjusts the mechanical washing action individually and exactly to the type of laundry, load size and soil level. Additionally, the new and refined drum perforation guarantees gentle treatment of your favourite laundry items with excellent spinning results.
K-Tipp praises Schulthess washers<br/>

K-Tipp praises Schulthess washers

Schulthess focuses on sturdiness and durability, and therefore only uses first-class materials. That is why the washing liquor tanks of the Schulthess washers are made from high-grade chrome steel and not just cheap plastic. A fact, that the Swiss consumer magazine K-Tipp praises in its article «Gebaut für den Schrottplatz» (Built for the scrap yard). We are pleased that even quality that is not obvious at first sight, is being recognized and appreciated. 

Pollenclean programme

Pollenclean programme

Removes plant pollen from your textiles.

Pollen are small but insidious, causing major problems for allergy sufferers. The solution from Schulthess is Pollenclean.

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Petplus programme<br/>

Petplus programme

Protects your laundry and removes animal hair.

With the special programme Petplus, Schulthess developed a dryer that dependably removes pet hair from clothing and textiles.

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Schulthess industrial: now with USB interface<br/>

Schulthess industrial: now with USB interface

Professional laundry care made better by the intelligent, state-of-the-art technology and optimized eco-friendly results of the new generation of the Spirit industrial washing machines «wmi».

The new Spirit industrial “wmi” generation of washing machines enhances professional washing through intelligent, modern technology and optimised environment-friendly values.

  • USB interface for fast programme and software updates.
  • Pictogram buttons for easy operation.
  • Two-line graphic display with programme time and programme running display.
  • Language selector key for 25 languages.
  • Start delay with calendar function.
  • ½ load button with adjusted processes and detergent dispensing technology.

Customised profiClean programmes for nursing and care homes, hotels and restaurants, fire and rescue services, building cleaners, hospitals and clinics and many more. Fabrics of all kinds can be washed gently and thoroughly with these programmes.

  • Wet-Clean programmes gently clean and care for many different fabric types in-house, thus preserving their value.
  • 10 disinfection programmes with ThermoplusControl, temperature control for high process reliability.
  • High-performance spin for minimal residual moisture up to 46%.
  • Easy to operate and now featuring a soft-close door.
  • Self-cleaning detergent dispenser with 5 dosing containers and 5 inserts for liquid and powder detergents as well as laundry aids.
  • Allowance for the needs of detergent suppliers' application technicians.
  • Strong environmental performance: save up to approx. 40% water and 20% power.
  • Raised plinth to reduce back strain when loading and unloading the washing machines.
WMI-Waschmaschinen 10-30 kg
Congratulations to our trainees

Congratulations to our trainees

July 2016: We congratulate our trainees on passing their final apprenticeship examination.

Congratulations to our trainees July 2016

July 2016: We congratulate our trainees on passing their final apprenticeship examination.

Energy saving campaigns

Energy saving campaigns

Saving energy already starts with purchase of appliances.You can find current energy-saving campaigns here.

Energy-saving campaign for energy efficient household appliances in top ten



Durable in all life situations

As part of the launch of the NEW Spirit washing machines and dryers, Schulthess introduces the current ad campaign.

The new generation of washing machines and dryers will be launched in September with a nationwide TV commercial as well as advertisements in trade journals and the Sunday press. It is brand new, sets new standards and is as dependable as ever. This is also reflected in the ad campaign, which showcases the superior quality with the example durability. The creative approach reflects that Schulthess machines withstand all fashion trends, episodes and life stages unfazed. The message is conveyed tongue in cheek through the three subjects fashion, music and love.



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