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A wonderful space-saver for your kitchen

The Schulthess Perla GA 55i is a dishwasher for all events! It offers sufficient space for 12 place settings, and is equipped with a unidirectional, height adjustable upper basket and several rows of fold-down tines. This allows for enough space in the lower rack to accommodate bulky tableware. Long knives, salad cutlery or even espresso cups can be placed in the extra-large cutlery tray in the upper rack.

The silent kitchen helper

Schulthess’ Perla GA 55i washes the dishes very quietly, with only 41 dB(A) it is virtually noiseless. It is one of the quietest dishwashers in Switzerland.

Clean dishes, even on the short programme

The Perla GY 55i cleans the dishes gently and hygienically and the special GlasCare feature ensures clear glasses. Its satellite spray arm reaches into every nook and cranny and effectively removes leftover food and unpleasant odours. With the XtraDry option, you will no longer have to dry plastic tableware and receptacles in the end. And in case you are in a hurry, there’s the 30-minute short programme and the TimeSaver function. This allows you to program the dishwashing time – for the Schulthess Perla GA 55i cleans reliably, even with the short or savings programme.

Schulthess dishwashers

Schulthess Perla GS 55i surprises with new products which make life much more pleasant: with only 41 dB(A), it is one of the quietest dishwashers in Switzerland. The latest version has a larger interior space for 12 place settings, as well as a second storage rack in the upper rack. Especially useful: The new satellite spray arm ensures maximum cleanliness by reaching into every nook and cranny. 

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