Singin’ in the Rain: 
Impregnating – the Schulthess programme for weatherproof clothing

Wrong weather? There's no such thing. Just wrong clothing! With the help of my additional programme «Impregnating» and a special impregnant, outdoor clothes become evenly and permanently water and weatherproof and at the same time dirt repellent. Without compromising the breathability of special fibres.

Blowin’ in the Wind: 
Pollenclean – Allergy sufferers can breathe easy

Haaatschoo! Bless you. Pollen are annoying – we know. That is why my Pollenclean programme removes plant pollen almost completely from textiles. Just put worn clothing and other – even non-washable – textiles into the dryer and breathe a sigh of relief.

Ready, steady, go: 
3D-Powerclean – the entire programme in 57 minutes

Dirty laundry? Always. Time for washing? Never. Not to worry - my 3D-Powerclean programme saves the day! Thanks to my 3D-drum, I clean normally soiled laundry at 40˚ C and 60˚ C in less than 1 hour. The specially arranged drum vanes, the intensive liquor exchange, the particular wash rhythm and two rinse cycles guarantee perfect wash results in record-breaking time.

We are the Champions: 
Washing and drying in a basket – for sensitive laundry

Is it even okay to wash and dry this? Normally not. But it is with us Schulthess machines. Because, we have the right programme and adjustable baskets to gently wash and dry sensitive laundry. For example? Soccer shoes, sneakers, woollen sweaters, cashmere ponchos … 

Round’n’round it goes: 
3D-Washing - washing in a new dimension

Doesn't my shirt get dizzy in there? Yes, it does. Because, my new 3D-Washing system uses the cleverly arranged drum vanes to optimally utilize the drum. That means less bunching-up of the laundry, less detergent, electricity and time. But more cleanliness.

Wash, dry and go 
Iron-Finish – makes ironing unnecessary

Every day a fresh shirt? Of course. Thanks to my special programme Iron-Finish, blouses and shirts come out of the drum practically wrinkle-free. Best ironing results without having to iron – as certified by the test institute wfk. Ingenious and time-saving.

Simple made easy
Easy operation – at the touch of a button

Why complicated when it can be so easy? Exactly. Therefore, my operation is super simple and ergonomic. My programmes can be found at a glance and selected by a keystroke. As easy as it gets!

Watch out
Dirt sensor – on the lookout for dirt

Dirt, muck and stains are a part of life! Sure. But they don’t belong on our clothes. My integrated dirt sensor knows exactly how dirty your laundry is. I therefore wash as briefly as possible and as long as necessary. Muck around? Not me.

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