Washing machines for the private household | Schulthess

Front or top operating panel

Whether you prefer programming your Schulthess machine from the front standard position or from the new top position – the choice is yours.


The innovative 3D washing drum with 6 drum vanes does not merely move the laundry up and down and left and right, but also forwards and backwards. Washing in a new dimension – with perfect washing results.


This special programme makes ironing unnecessary: the laundry comes out of the drum as good as ironed.

Red Dot Award

The new Spirit washing machines and dryers won the coveted Red Dot Award «Best of the Best» for their pioneering design.

Schulthess washing machines for private households

Schulthess washing machines are packed with good ideas. Your laundry is washed gently, thoroughly – and fast. Intelligent wash programmes, the ergonomic, intuitive and simple operation plus the well-thought out extras such as the Supersilent function make Schulthess the right choice for your home.

Programme groups

The additional programme for the needs of allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or increased hygiene requirements. It effectively removes mites, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from textiles.
Thorough programmes for your home textiles: microfibre cleaning cloths, bed linen and terry towelling, down and curtains. It also includes the machine cleaning programme Autoclean.
Business clothing is usually only lightly soiled. This programme washes your blouses, shirts, trousers, jeans and light sweaters especially gently and with a crease-free result.
Special programme for challenging baby and children’s clothing. Heavily soiled textiles (even nappies) are thoroughly cleaned and intensively rinsed to protect the sensitive skin of babies. The special feature of this programme: it even washes plastic building blocks. 
Angora, cashmere or silk: the Softcare programme takes care of fine and delicate textiles made of natural fibres.
Your Schulthess machine remembers your preferences and automatically saves the 6 most frequently used programmes. A world first: you have the option to see your 6 favourite programmes on the display when you start the machine. Turn machine on, select favourite programme – start. Quite clever!
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