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Spirit 530 top operating panel

Model «Top» with large colour display

A+++ -40%

Model «Top» with large 4.3" colour display, 1–8 kg load capacity and internal LED drum lighting. Short Swiss wash programmes from 20–90 °C. Programme groups: Sportswear, Homecare, Businesswear, Antibac. Time preset for up to 7 days.

Energy efficiency class
Spinning speed max.
Dirt sensor
Loads and dosing display
At Schulthess express really means express: the super-fast programme for lightly soiled laundry. From just 20 minutes.
Your Schulthess machine remembers your preferences and automatically saves the 6 most frequently used programmes. A world first: you have the option to see your 6 favourite programmes on the display when you start the machine. Turn machine on, select favourite programme – start. Quite clever!
Wash, dry and wear – our newly developed special Iron-Finish programme gives you crease-free blouses and shirts. The textiles are carefully cooled in the washing drum and at the same time, they are gently stretched hundreds of times in every direction. The constant movement of the drum and the precisely coordinated wash action eliminate lengthwise and crosswise creases (wrinkles). To achieve the best possible result from your wash, remove the blouses and shirts from the machine as soon as the programme ends and let them dry on clothes hangers. Recommended load: 5–7 blouses/shirts.
Special programme for challenging baby and children’s clothing. Heavily soiled textiles (even nappies) are thoroughly cleaned and intensively rinsed to protect the sensitive skin of babies. The special feature of this programme: it even washes plastic building blocks. 
Business clothing is usually only lightly soiled. This programme washes your blouses, shirts, trousers, jeans and light sweaters especially gently and with a crease-free result.
Thorough programmes for your home textiles: microfibre cleaning cloths, bed linen and terry towelling, down and curtains. It also includes the machine cleaning programme Autoclean.
Washing and impregnating of outdoor sportswear. For ski suits, sports and leisure jackets, special weatherproof clothing or even trainers. 
LED drum lighting
The convenient drum lighting allows for a full overview of the drum during loading and unloading. 
Your baby is sleeping and you do not want do wake it or you would like to wash at night while leaving everyone undisturbed? Not a problem with the Supersilent function! Your Schulthess washing machine runs extremely quietly, thanks to the special insulation.
Time preset
24-hour time preset is so yesterday! Today a Schulthess machine can be programmed a whole 7 days in advance. The integrated date function with automatic start and end time calculator provides you with more flexibility for your time management. Particularly practical: automatic time change function summer/winter.
The additional programme for the needs of allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or increased hygiene requirements. It effectively removes mites, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from textiles.
Der Aquasafe ist ein doppelter Schlauch mit mechanischem Sperrventil. Dieser stoppt die Wasserzufuhr bei Leck im inneren Schlauch.


  • Large 4.3" colour display
  • Drum vanes for 3D-Washing
  • Noise insulation: Supersilent
  • LED drum lighting
  • Soil level sensor
  • Load detection and detergent dosing display
  • Water level adjustment for partial load 
  • Programme progress and remaining time display
  • Time preset for up to 7 days
  • Individual machine settings: e.g. increase water level
  • Signal tone with variable volume at the end of the programme
  • Outer drum in stainless steel
  • Door opening angle 180°, large opening Ø 34 cm
  • Door hinge right or left
  • Door chrome plated

Technical data

  • Load capacity: 1–8 kg
  • Spin speed: 1600–200 rpm


  • Child lock, double-walled door glass
  • Aquasafe/Foam monitoring/Imbalance detection
  • Control display for water intake/drainage


  • Front or top operating panel
  • Warm water connection or soft/rain water connection
  • Plinth drawer (white) H: 32 cm
  • Aquastop


  • Short Swiss wash programmes from 20°–90°C (2 heating elements)
  • Express programmes at all temperatures from 20 min.
  • Programme groups Sportswear, Babycare, Homecare, Businesswear, Antibac
  • Favorites for your 6 favourite programmes
  • Standard programmes Cotton 20–90°C, 3D-Powerclean Cotton 40/60°C, Easy Care 30–60°C, Handwash, Wool, Silk, Delicates, Mixed laundry, 15 min. Quickwash 30°C, Shirts/blouses, Iron-Finish 40°C, Sportswear, Jeans, Curtains, Impregnating, Baby laundry 40/70°C, Plastic building blocks, Autoclean (self-cleaning programme)
  • Eco programmes Cotton 40–90°C, Easy Care 40–90°C
  • Additional functions Supersilent for extremely quiet washing, Express, Pre-wash, Intensive (stains), Rinse +, Temperature reduction, Spin speed, Rinsing stop, Soaking

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