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Fire operations centre, Uster - Referenz feuerwehrstuetzpunkt uster

Ready for the next assignment from head to toe with Schulthess

The Civil Protection department in Uster houses several institutions, including the fire brigade with its 100 volunteer firefighters, the civil protection service and the Riedikon training centre as a field office. Each of them produces a wide variety of laundry items made of many different fabrics and materials. Schulthess has proven itself a reliable partner when it comes to cleaning them.

With effect from 1 January 2011, the fire brigade and civil protection services were amalgamated. At that time, Sacha Zollinger took up his post as commander of the fire operations centre, having joined the Uster fire brigade in 2001. He and his team exceeded the average of 200 assignments per year in 2013 because of the heavy rainfall in spring. Besides fires, the 100-strong brigade has to deal with natural disasters, technical services such as animal rescues, supporting the ambulance service in case of road accidents or acting as a local HAZMAT team on special assignments. “We can’t schedule our assignments, so we need to have access to faultless turnout gear at all times without a major logistical effort. In Schulthess, we have found a reliable partner for that,” says Sacha Zollinger.

New challenges

One upcoming project for the department is the renewal of the fire brigade’s uniforms: moving away from plasticised fabrics to breathable materials. The correct use of detergent is essential here, as is training by the detergent supplier, because the equipment (shoes, helmet, jacket, trousers and gloves) costs about 2,000 Swiss francs. So the washing and care have to be absolutely right, to maintain optimum protection against all kinds of influences. Which means that the Schulthess Spirit industrial WSI 150 washing machine and the Schulthess Spirit proLine TRI 9375 dryer will continue to perform their reliable duties for a long time to come.

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