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Schulthess machines for apartment blocks

The demands made of washing machines and washer-dryers in apartment blocks are especially high. This we know at Schulthess. This is why the many unique innovations and world firsts in the NEW Spirit for the single household are now also available in our apartment block models. Yet they are still robust, user-friendly and, of course, energy-efficient.

Reliable, robust and low-maintenance 

Schulthess washing machines for apartment blocks have large drums and − depending on the particular model – room for 7 or 8 kilos of laundry. Even bulky textiles such as pillows or duvets can be washed. These machines' large capacity reduces the number of washing cycles and saves not only time but – even more important − water and power. Tenants and landlords are equally pleased if there are only 3 washing cycles instead of 4.

Washing machines for apartment blocks
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Less effort thanks to automatic self-cleaning

Robust, fast, efficient: Schulthess dryers are designed for the everyday challenges of communal laundries and operate with little wear and maintenance-free. The third Spirit topLine generation features automatic self-cleaning with direct drainage – a real innovation!

Dryers for apartment blocks
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Simple payment by card or with coins

Operating costs for laundry care in communal laundry rooms are allocated according to the costs-by-cause principle – reliable, fair and straightforward. Schulthess offers the right payment system for every requirement and makes communal laundry accounting transparent.

Payment systems
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