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RLWT 215, RLWT 220

Gentle Drying


Room air laundry dryers work completely without additional heat and mechanical friction: these practical wall units blow dry air into the hanging laundry thus extracting moisture from it. A powerful heat pump and an intelligent moisture sensor ensure perfect drying.

The machine dries fabrics of all types in an extremely gentle and natural way with the help of an integrated condensation system with a compressor (heat pump) and various fans. Schulthess room air laundry dryers have the lowest energy declaration rating A1.

The room air laundry dryer also reduces humidity in basements and drying rooms and helps prevent mould as well as musty smells. If the machine is used with the windows and doors closed, it makes a positive contribution to the energy budget because room heat and heating energy are conserved.

Application area

Schulthess room air laundry dryers RLWT 220 and RLWT 215 are specifically designed for apartment blocks and for laundry weights of 20 or 15 kg.


  • Condensate pipe for RLWT 215 / 220
  • Bucket 13 l for RLWT 215 / 220
  • Laundry drying rack M 40 for wall to wall mounting, line length 40 m 
  • Laundry drying rack M 60 for wall to wall mounting, line length 60 m 
  • Laundry drying rack M 80 for wall to wall mounting, line length 80 m 
  • Laundry drying rack M 100 for wall to wall mounting, line length 100 m
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