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Mangle and Finishing

Clean, fresh and perfectly ironed laundry is a calling card for any business. Schulthess offers an exceptional range of ironing machines providing maximum versatility and a superior price/performance ratio.

The line of ironing machines

The line of Schulthess ironing machines covers smaller equipment with 25 – 30 cm roller diameters and larger machines with 37 – 50 cm roller diameters. Our ironing machines are designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized operations. Schulthess offers a selection of first-class professional ironing machines to provide an ideal solution for your commercial laundry. They are robust, durable, efficient, fast, user-friendly, and safe, to name but a few of their attributes.

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Roller lining for all brand-name ironing machines

Schulthess offers qualified, competent and extensive roller lining services for all brands. Our experienced team handles several hundred ironing machines in Switzerland. Our technicians are familiar with the features of many different brands and can therefore optimally adjust an initial or a replacement lining.

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Consulting, efficiency analysis and planing

Schulthess has equipped countless commercial laundry operations for our customers, and you can also benefit from this know-how. Talk to our professionals as soon as possible about your needs, your operational environment, the space you have available, and your objectives. Schulthess provides competent support through all stages of your project, from efficiency analysis and planning phase to equipment start-up to ensure that your investment decision stands on a solid footing.

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VEIT ironing products

Veit ironing products round off the overall product range for professional laundries

VEIT GmbH has exclusively commissioned Schulthess as its general agent in Switzerland for the sales and service of VEIT ironing and finishing systems for laundries.
VEIT GmbH, based in the Bavarian town of Landsberg launches a general product range of superior quality ironing machines, ironing tables, finishing dummies, professional irons and corresponding accessories. The company has a significant market share in all European countries and supplies its products to customers all over the world.

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Ironing technology

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Ironing board

Stable swivel arm system with sleeve bar and automatic switching modes suction/blowing. Connections: electric and water.

Further designs and dimensions upon request.

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Mannequin Finisher

With steam generator. Basic device with seam tightener, pressure pads, height-adjustable bust, lapel pressure bar. Very small space requirement, only 2m².

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Trouser finisher with built-in steam generator

Patented propulsion system that allows precise longitudinal clamping with integrated anti-stretch control. Adjustment of the clamping position from long to short trousers is performed automatically by foot pedal.

Finishing - Kompressoren


The compressors supply the necessary compressed air for various laundry equipment, e.g. washing machines, tumbler, ironing, presses, etc. With compressed air tank, motor protection, switch and elastic storage.

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