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Washing machines 10-30 kg

The new generation of Spirit industrial wmi washing machines are equipped with a USB interface, simplifying the professional laundry day. Programmes and updates can be loaded conveniently from a USB pen drive for immediate use.

72 profiClean programmes

Schulthess offers an extensive selection of up to 72 profiClean programmes for any laundry environment. These programmes are designed to clean virtually any type of fabric and clothing thoroughly and with care. Ideal for retirement and nursing homes, hotels and restaurants, fire departments and rescue services, building cleaning services, hospitals and clinics.

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Equipment highlights

USB interface, softClose door closing mechanism, sturdy chrome-steel design, text display, language selection button for up to 17 languages, delayed start function with calendar, ½-button with adapted process and detergent dosage, superior spinning performance for minimal residual moisture (up to 46 %)

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