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Washing machines 7-8 kg

Professional washing of smaller volumes


Discover our new generation of topLine pro washers.
The machines are now equipped with a modern interactive 4.3" colour display with Proficlean programme selection buttons as well as new, simple programming software, a USB interface and an updated oscillating system. The machines feature 94 profiClean programmes which guarantee a gentle cleaning of sensitive textiles, as well as 24 freely programmable programme channels. The best washing programmes are available for each segment.

Convenient self-cleaning

With the tried and tested auto-Clean self-cleaning programme that displays machine cleaning as required by the conditions and intensity of usage. At the touch of a button, the machine cleans itself automatically in a mere 25 minutes at a temperature of 70 degrees – so hygienic cleanness is ensured.

Washing machines 6/7 kg - topLine pro 9240 bildausschnitt
Schulthess-Praktisch Flüssigwaschmittelanschluss-Schulthess Waschmaschine

Practical connection for liquid detergent

These models can be fitted with an optional connection for liquid detergent to control up to eight dosing pumps. Upon request, the pumps are mounted on a special rack (dosing pump rack) installed on the rear of the machine so as to save space. This eliminates wall mountings and the washing machines can be relocated as needed, regardless of where they are positioned.

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