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Schulthess machines for the private household

Unique innovations prove that Schulthess is always one step ahead with regard to expertise and technology. Thus the new Spirit washing machines and dryers feature world-firsts.



Easy to operate and exceptionally quiet!

Schulthess washing machines are packed with good ideas. Your laundry is washed gently, thoroughly – and fast. Intelligent wash programmes, the ergonomic, intuitive and simple operation plus the well-thought out extras such as the Supersilent function make Schulthess the right choice for your home.

Washing machines for the private household
Schulthess-Einfach zu bedienen und besonders leise-Schulthess Waschmaschine

Front or top operating panel: just as you wish

Schulthess dryers are not only gentle on your laundry but also win you over with special programmes such as Petplus and Pollenclean, which reliably remove animal hair and plant pollen from clothes and textiles. Additionally, Schulthess dryers are extremely economical in their energy consumption. The new Schulthess Spirit dryers with an energy efficiency rating of A++ are among the fastest and most economical Swiss models. 

Dryers for the private household
Schulthess-Front oder Top-Bedienung- ganz wie Sie wünschen-Schulthess Waschmaschine

Guaranteed cleanliness into the last nook and cranny

The new satellite spraying arm with double rotation impresses with intelligent design that allows it to spray at five levels simultaneously, reaching into every nook and cranny to consistently removes even the last traces of dirt.

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Detergents and other utensils can be stored very easily in the pull-out base drawer.

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