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Schulthess industrial machines: for professional demands - Schulhtess Gewerbe Industrie

Schulthess industrial machines: for professional demands

Industrial machines are in use around the clock and have to provide maximum performance and resistance. This is why Schulthess machines for commercial and industrial applications have been developed and built for large laundry loads, high capacity utilisation and 24-hour operation. They have been tested on 30,000 laundry cycles, which is equivalent to a service life of 20 years, depending on intensity of use. They meet the strictest hygiene and disinfection requirements.Our modern technologies and innovative laundry machines make everyday washing easier in the commercial laundry sector – which is why we are the number 1 in Switzerland.


wetClean 4.0: allround special cleaning programme

Wedding dresses, leather clothing, special protective clothing or laundry from hospital and nursing facilities: practically all textiles are thoroughly and hygienically cleaned with the wetClean process of Schulthess commercial machines. And all in a single load – sorting by fabric and material composition is no longer necessary thanks to a low-temperature process. The wetClean programme from Schulthess is based on water and is an environmentally friendly alternative to aggressive solvents and chemicals. Significant time savings are also achieved: the wetClean programme needs only 1 hour with cleaning, drying and finishing.

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Swiss made is our commitment

Swiss made and the location Switzerland have been important arguments for Schulthess since the company was founded over 170 years ago, and stand for our promise to deliver the long-lasting, robust and high-quality machines. Our devices focus on quality, even in places where you can't see it: the tubs of all our washing machines are made of high-quality stainless steel. The machines are also distinguished by their speed, usability and gentleness to the environment and textiles.

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Environmental protection as a matter of course

The fast programmes and high energy efficiency of Schulthess machines have a positive effect on operating costs and the environment. Schulthess has ISO 9001 certification for quality management, ISO 14001 certification for environmental management, and is a member of the Energy Agency of Wirtschaft's (EnAW) programme for voluntary active CO2 reduction. Schulthess appliances are developed and produced in accordance with ecological criteria in Wolfhausen in the Zurich Oberland region.

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Good to know

  • wetClean programmes are available for all Schulthess commercial machines (washing machines and tumble dryers) weighing 8 kg or more.
  • wmi washing machines and TRI dryers are supplied as standard with integrated special wet cleaning programmes for different types of textiles.
  • Up to 14 dosing pumps can be connected.
  • The disinfection programmes of the Schulthess machines tested by wfk* wash the laundry germ-free – especially important in hospitals and homes.
  • Swissmop Cleaner washing machines effectively and thoroughly remove dirt and germs from mop covers and microfibre cloths.
  • Schulthess commercial machines speak 23 languages.

*wfk: Cleaning Technology Institute e.V. in Krefeld, Germany

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Joshua Brown of Wolf Laundry Ltd. in England

Joshua Brown of Wolf Laundry Ltd. in England finds that Schulthess machines offer great value for money. One of many reasons why Wolf Ltd. has been a loyal Schulthess partner for over four years.

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