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Laundry professionals opt for the Swiss market leader

Schulthess laundry solutions are built to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and industrial applications, and they have been tested for 30 000 cycles – equivalent to a lifetime of 20 years. All our machines are easy to operate, economical to use, and boast excellent process reliability.

Hygienically clean with disinfection programmes

Specifically in hospitals, hygiene requirements are particularly great. The disinfection programmes of Schulthess machines tested by the wfk* ensure the requisite certainty that the laundry is not only clean but also germ-free. 

*wfk: Cleaning Technology Institute e.V. in Krefeld, Germany

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Washing machines for professional requirements

Washing machines in laundries and dry cleaning businesses have to be robust, reliable, economical and easy to use. The fast programmes as well as the high energy efficiency of Schulthess machines have a positive effect on running costs and the environment. 

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Germ-free cloths and mop covers

Heavily soiled articles such as cleaning cloths, mop covers and cleaning pads from industrial cleaners are a challenge in the laundry. Schulthess machines wash hygienically clean and germ-free. The protective drum with up to 15,867 funnel-shaped holes also removes the smallest of particles and protects textiles so that cleaning cloths last for a particularly long time. 

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Built for 24-hour operations

There are no downtimes for laundries in homes and residences. Schulthess machines are designed so that they can deal with large volumes of laundry day and night and, when doing so, meet the strictest hygiene and disinfection stipulations.

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Cleanliness for your discerning guests

Absolute cleanliness is an absolute must in the hotel, gastronomy and catering trades. For both large and small operations Schulthess has the tailored solution for fast and textile-protecting laundering.

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Ready for the next assignment straightaway

The protective clothing of fire and rescue services personnel has particular requirements. The special wet-clean programmes of Schulthess washing machines and commercial dryers are perfectly tailored for the demanding characteristics of these textiles.

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Practice-oriented solutions for commercial operations

Whether it’s a bakery, butcher’s or garage – the demands of commercial businesses on cleanliness and hygiene are high. Running costs are however also a significant factor. The fast programmes as well as the high energy efficiency of Schulthess machines have a positive effect on running costs and also on the environment.

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Wellness and relaxation with clean textiles

In places where many people use the same facilities and rooms, there is no leeway with hygiene. The same applies to laundry. Schulthess disinfection programmes have been especially conceived for these requirements and completely remove all germs from textiles.

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Germ-free cleanliness in the medical field

With their disinfection programmes especially developed for this, Schulthess washing machines have the right solution in place. From a temperature as low as 40 °C and an exposure time of only 20 minutes, textiles can be washed and disinfected with certainty.

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The leading Swiss provider of launderette installations

In launderettes the machines are subjected to the highest strain day in, day out. As they are used by the most diverse of clientele, they must be particularly simple and multilingual in use.  And, of course, robust, low maintenance and reliable: Schulthess machines have been developed and constructed for a long working life.

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Freely programmable devices for industrial enterprises

Industries such as bag and accessories manufacturers place particularly high demands on the cleanliness of the raw materials used. Schulthess industrial machines have 72 profiClean programmes – washers and dryers can be additionally programmed individually for specific needs. Perfectly customised programmes are developed in cooperation with process engineers.

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Clean and impregnated clothing for horses and riders

A wide variety of horse blankets and saddle pads are used. Alongside dirt and sweat, stubborn horse hair must be removed without affecting the functionality of the fabric – a requirement conventional devices cannot deliver. Schulthess commercial machines meet these requirements and are at the same time robust, easy to use and designed and engineered for a long service life.

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Washing machines

Machines that operate in a commercial or industrial environment must function smoothly. Our washing machines are not only reliable – they are also gentle to the laundry and the environment, while meeting the highest hygiene requirements.

Schulthess washing machines for business and industry


Machines that operate in a commercial or industrial environment must have a long service life. Our laundry dryers are not only durable – they also speak 17 different languages, are easy to use and save time, power and resources.

Schulthess Dryers for business and industry


Take advantage of our experience and expertise in efficient and environmentally friendly washing solutions to plan and implement your new laundry services:

  • With over 20 key performance indicators, we can help you in the decision-making process and find together the right solution.
  • You will receive planning proposals from us for the implementation. In the execution phase, we will create detailed technical plans for the electrical and sanitary facilities and cooperate closely with the architects and building planners.
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