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Washing machines

In the businesses and industry sector, laundry has to be processed in ever-shorter times. The latest technologies, with optimised utilisation of resources, can deliver excellent results in next to no time. 

Washing machines 7-8 kg

Professional washing of smaller volumes

Discover our new generation of topLine pro washers.
The machines are now equipped with a modern interactive 4.3" colour display with Proficlean programme selection buttons as well as new, simple programming software, a USB interface and an updated oscillating system. The machines feature 84 profiClean programmes which guarantee a gentle cleaning of sensitive textiles, as well as 24 freely programmable programme channels. The best washing programmes are available for each segment.

topLine pro washing machines
Washing machines - sma topLine pro 8940 seitlich anthrazit medium

Washing machines 8-16 kg

Efficient programmes and cost-effective operation

Spirit proLine washing machines are easy to use with no need for special know-how: clearly arranged buttons with self-explanatory symbols guide users through the programmes. A two-line graphic display assists users with the programme selection and offers guidance through all phases of the washing process with easy-to-follow instructions and status information in up to 17 languages, ranging from German to Russian.

proLine washing machines
Schulthess- Effiziente Programme und wirtschaftlicher Betrieb- Schulthess Waschmaschine

Washing machines 10-30 kg

Innovative technology for professional washing

The new generation of Spirit industrial wmi washing machines are equipped with a USB interface, simplifying the professional laundry routines. Programmes and updates can be loaded conveniently from a USB pen drive for immediate use.

wmi washing machines
Schulthess-Innovative Technologie für professionelles Waschen-Schulthess Waschmaschine
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