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Washing machines 8-16 kg

The range of wash programmes for different professional users available on our Spirit proLine washing machines has been expanded again to meet sector-specific requirements.

70 programmes

The basic and professional programmes installed as standard include, among others, Wet-Clean for non-washable outerwear, leather items, wedding dresses, duvets, silk, fire protection clothing and first-aid blankets as well as special wash programmes for kitchen linens, incontinence and disinfection laundry, cleaning mops, butchers’ aprons, overalls and the autoClean machine self-cleaning programme, and many more besides.

Schulthess-70 Programme-Basis und Profiprogramme-Schulthess waschmaschine
Washing machines 8-16 kg - Stimmungsbild GRM TR topLine Taste Sprache large

Easy to operate

Spirit proLine washing machines are easy to use with no need for special know-how: rocker buttons with self-explanatory symbols are clearly arranged to guide users through the programmes. A twoline graphic display assists users with the programme selection and gives guidance through all phases of the washing process with easy-to-follow instructions and status information in up to 17 languages.

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