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Effectively removes pet hair

The special programme Petplus was specifically designed for animal lovers. It reliably removes pet hair from clothes and textiles.

Convenient automatic machine cleaning

Spirit dryers clean themselves automatically after each drying cycle and repeatedly flush the heat exchanger with condensation water. Besides, Schulthess dryers do the job with one single combination filter that is integrated in the door, which you can clean in next to no time.

Simple and practical

Drying in the basket: the variable drying basket is also suitable for woollen pullovers or trainers.

A world first:
front or top operating panel

Whether you prefer programming your Schulthess machine from the front standard position or from the new top position – the choice is yours.

Red Dot Award

The new Spirit washing machines and dryers won the coveted Red Dot Award «Best of the Best» for their pioneering design.

Schulthess dryers for private households

Schulthess dryers are not only gentle on your laundry but also win you over with special programmes such as Petplus and Pollenclean, which reliably remove animal hair and plant pollen from clothes and textiles. Additionally, Schulthess dryers are extremely economical in their energy consumption. The new Schulthess Spirit dryers with an energy efficiency rating of A++ are among the fastest and most economical Swiss models.

Special programmes

The additional programme for the needs of allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or increased hygiene requirements. It effectively removes mites, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from textiles.
The automatic cleaning cycle during and after the drying process protects the heat exchanger from clogging, and ensures perfect operation with constant drying performance.
Time preset
24-hour time preset is so yesterday! Today a Schulthess machine can be programmed a whole 7 days in advance. The integrated date function with automatic start and end time calculator provides you with more flexibility for your time management. Particularly practical: automatic time change function summer/winter.
Gentle plus
Drying in the basket
Your Schulthess machine remembers your preferences and automatically saves the 6 most frequently used programmes. A world first: you have the option to see your 6 favourite programmes on the display when you start the machine. Turn machine on, select favourite programme – start. Quite clever!
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