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Schulthess Tumble Dryer:
certified effective against pollen

Pollen allergies are a widespread evil: 20 percent of the Swiss suffer from these. You as well? Then you know that allergy sufferers leave hardly anything untried to combat pollen allergens. Often with little success. 

At Schulthess we have the solution – and an extremely effective one at that. At the touch of a button the special “Pollenclean” programme removes annoying and stubborn plant pollens almost completely from textiles. This has been confirmed by the SAS, Service Allergie Suisse SA. “The Schulthess heat pump tumble dryer with pollenclean is a suitable product for pollen allergies”, it states on the certificate issued to Schulthess at the beginning of this year.

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Pollenclean-Programm - schulthess allergie suisse zertifikat aha

Pollenfrei auf Tastendruck

Pollen-free at the touch of a button

This is how simple it is: items of clothing that have been worn, blankets, curtains and other textiles (including non-washable textiles as well such as jackets with facing etc.) are put in the dryer for 20 minutes. A stream of air gently removes the pollen from the textiles at room temperature, thus saving energy, and which is caught by a special filter. This can be used multiple times and replacement filters can be obtained at specialist retailers. 

So einfach funktionierts: Getragene Kleidungsstücke, Decken, Vorhänge und andere Gewebe (auch nicht waschbare Textilien wie Jacken mit Besatz etc.) für 20 Minuten in den Trockner geben. Mit einem Luftstrom werden die Pollen bei Raumtemperatur schonend und energiesparend von den Textilien getrennt und von einem Spezialfilter aufgefangen. Dieser ist mehrfach verwendbar und Ersatzfilter sind im Fachhandel erhältlich. 

Das Allergiezentrum Schweiz (aha!) empfiehlt den Schulthess-Wäschetrockner mit Pollenclean-Programm.

Order special Pollenclean filters online

Order your special filters for the heat pump dryers model Spirit 660 artLine, Spirit 660, Spirit 640 artLine, Spirit 640, Spirit 630 and Spirit eMotion TW 7338.

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  1. Use special pollen filters only for the Pollenclean programme. Take out Filter A and B, remove filter A, open filter B.
  2. Insert special pollen filter into filter B up to the stop.
  3. Insert filter combination into dryer. Remove cardboard hand protection and start pollenClean programme.
  4. Remove pollen filter after the end of the programme with the cardboard hand protection.
  5. Store filter and cardboard hand protection in the packaging until next use. Push in a reminder field on the packaging after each use.
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