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Modern medicine and superior accommodations for holistic healing

The Kurhaus Oberwaid looks back on a long tradition. Established in 1845, it was rebuilt and re-opened in 2012 with a future-oriented health resort concept. Following the three pillars of health – exercise, nutrition and mental motivation – Oberwaid offers not just the ideal solution for the health stressors of modern man, but also medical prevention, therapy and aftercare. For laundry care, Schulthess is the trusted brand. 

The Kurhaus Oberwaid is spacious and modern: the perfect place for healing, with view of Lake Constance. Stress, burn-out, obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and gastrointestinal ailments are treated here. Post-operative care is also one of the specialties. Thomas Weber, CEO of the Oberwaid – Kurhaus & Medical Center, points out: “Our treatment concepts, the accommodations as well as the overall features meet the highest quality standards. Additionally, motion analysis and training concepts, nutritional counseling and SMART cuisine – a nutrition concept developed for the needs of modern man – are essential elements of an Oberwaid stay.” 

Space and resources for a smart in-house laundry facility

For the new building, the decision was made for an in-house laundry facility. Space was available and flexibility in laundry care desired. “Three providers of laundry solutions presented their proposals; Schulthess convinced us”, so Thomas Weber. With Schulthess, it was possible to create a bright laundry facility with a low noise level. The wet cleaning process Wet-Clean was one of the deciding factors, in part because of the low temperatures. It allows for energy-efficient washing, while at the same time being able to optimally manage the entire range of textiles. With Wet-Clean, employee uniforms, among other things, as well as guest laundry, like suits and cashmere pullovers, can be properly cared for. Aside from bed, table and kitchen linens, the spa area especially generates a large amount of toweling. Additionally, the laundry from the Medical Center is being washed here. To meet the stringent hygiene standards, it is necessary to employ a laundry disinfection program. The tested and confirmed Schulthess disinfection programs provide crucial support in this area.

Optimal equipment meets laundry care needs

To master as much as 4960 lbs. (2250 kg) of laundry per week – or 119 tons (108 T) per year respectively – Schulthess put together the ideal equipment combination of Spirit topLine, proLine and industrial washers and dryers. In designing the laundry facility, simplicity and minimizing error sources were the highest credo. That is why everything functions with automatic detergent dosing. Moreover, sophisticated, pre-defined programs were designed. The curtains or blouses program, for example, is selected with the push of a button. At the heart of the system is the automatic towel-folding machine, which perfectly processes the towels. “If we would not have this machine, we would need three employees to fold toweling all afternoon, every day”, says Sandra Schättin, head of housekeeping. The laundry facility is outfitted with the optimal finishing equipment as well. The Schulthess solution is something to be proud of: During facility tours, guests envy the Oberwaid laundry facility solution, which is proudly presented by the head of housekeeping.

Year established
1845 as a «water cure center»

Of special interest
Unique combination of state-of-the-art medicine and Swiss healing traditio

125, 5 of those in the laundry facility 

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week
4960 lbs. (2250 kg)

All kinds of textiles: Toweling, flat linen and kitchen linen, curtains, uniforms and guest laundry

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