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Zurich municipal laundry - Referenz waescherei der stadt zuerich

User-friendly machines

Using a sophisticated logistics system, the laundry is sorted on arrival and transported to the appropriate Schulthess washing machines. This procedure is essential so that the right laundry items are returned to the right customer. The Schulthess machines are the perfect solution for the wide variety of fabric types that need to be washed. The individually programmable machines enable the staff to handle the laundry by themselves. Any language barriers among the workers are easily overcome thanks to the stored wash settings on the machines. Because of the optimal spatial planning for the machines in collaboration with the company, the washed laundry can be transported conveniently and efficiently to the Schulthess dryers, where it is gently and quickly dried. For perfect finishing, the laundry works with Schulthess ironers and ironing systems. Schulthess runs annual courses to give the staff valuable tips on operating the machines in the best way. One particularly pleasing feature is that the waste heat from the dryers heats the water for the washing machines – which is gentle on the budget.

First-class service by Schulthess

Beatrix Jakob, Team Leader at the laundry, is very satisfied with the Schulthess solution: «The machines do come at a price, but what you get in return are reliable and long-lasting machines as well as a first-class service.» She particularly appreciates the fact that Schulthess takes every concern seriously and offers individual, customer-oriented solutions. In her view, the company also deserves praise for its professionalism and friendly dealings with customers. Jakob knows what the Schulthess name means to her: «The company has offered a first-class service for decades. We have never had any problems.» 

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