Accessories for private households  

Providing you with greater convenience.

To make caring for your laundry even easier, we have developed useful extras for your appliances. Use the space-saving Schulthess stacking kit, the special basket for gentle drying or the practical plinth drawer.


Swiss quality

Swiss made

Schulthess and Swiss made belong together. The quality and durability of Schulthess machines are legendary.

Stylish design

Red Dot Award winner

The new Spirit washing machines and dryers have won the ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot Award for their ground-breaking design.

Innovative technology

Smart everyday aids

With clever technical innovations such as the Smart Control panel or the useful Supersilent function, Schulthess makes your everyday washing routine so much easier.

Maximum sustainability

Conserving resources

Premium quality and careful production ensure highly durable appliances. With innovations such as the hot water and rainwater connection, our machines demonstrably conserve resources.

Schulthess deepClean for washing machines

  • Professional descaler and cleaner
  • Frees the heating and the caustic tank from limescale deposits
  • Cleaning removes detergent residues from all the washing machine’s water-bearing components
  • Existing odours are eliminated
  • Content: 500ml

Schulthess topClean for dishwashers

  • Full spraying power and a longer life for your dishwasher
  • Regular use of Schulthess topClean (every 2 to 3 months) protects the functional parts such as spray nozzles, coarse fine filters, hoses and pumps and improves the cleaning effect of your dishwasher
  • Content: 500ml

Schulthess polish stainless steel care

  • Schulthess polish is a specially purified, odourless and tasteless oil for treating stainless steel surfaces
  • The degree of purity complies with DAB 10 and registration USDA H1: occasional contact with food is permitted!
  • Can be used for high-quality stainless steel household appliances such as ovens, hobs, extractor hoods, fridge-freezers, etc.
  • Content: 200 ml

Schulthess planetCare Microplastic Filter

  • Effective microplastic filtration
  • Protects water bodies and the environment by reducing plastic particles in wastewater
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Increases the longevity of textiles through gentle treatment
  • Compatible with common washing machine models for universal application

Practical solution for private households

2 in 1: Machine plinth and drawer

The stable plinth enables convenient and ergonomic loading and unloading of the washing machine. Integrated in the plinth is a pull-out drawer – 2 in 1! The drawer provides plenty of space for washing and care products and other utensils.

Stacking kit

Saving space with a stacking kit

Washing machine above, dryer below: If you stack your appliances on top of each other, you gain additional space or make it possible to install a dryer in the first place.

The wash stacking kits with and without pull-out table ensure a stable connection. With the pull-out table, freshly washed laundry can be conveniently folded to the ideal height right away.


Special basket

Dry delicate textiles gently
in the special basket

We have developed the drying basket for particularly delicate items. In this process, the fabrics are dried with circulating hot air without being rotated. Practical for stuffed animals, sports shoes, baseball caps or delicate woollen jumpers.

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Schulthess deepClean für Waschmaschinen

  • Profi Entkalker und Reiniger
  • Befreit die Heizung und den Laugenbehälter von Kalkablagerungen


  • Durch das Reinigen werden alle wasserführenden Komponenten der Waschmaschine von Waschmittelresten befreit
  • Vorhandene Geruchsbelästigungen werden beseitigt
  • Inhalt 6 x 500ml

Schulthess topClean für Geschirrspüler

  • Volle Sprühkraft und eine längere Lebensdauer für Ihren Geschirrspüler


  • Regelmässige Anwendung von Schulthess topClean (alle 2-3 Monate) schont die Funktionsteile wie Sprühdüsen, Grob-Feinfilter, Schläuchen und Pumpen und verbessert die Reinigungswirkung Ihres Geschirrspülers
  • Inhalt 6 x 500ml

Schulthess polish Edelstahlpflege

  • Schulthess polish ist ein speziell gereinigtes, geruchs- und geschmacksneutrales Öl zur Behandlung von Edelstahloberflächen
  • Der Reinheitsgrad ist gemäß DAB 10 und der Registrierung USDA – H1:
    der gelegentliche Kontakt mit Lebensmitteln ist zulässig!
  • Für hochwertige Haushaltsgeräte aus Edelstahl wie Backöfen, Herde, Dunstabzugshauben, Kühl-Gefrierschränke usw. einsetzbar.
  • Inhalt 6 x 500ml