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Flow Professional, together with our Permatech dosing systems, ensures perfect washing results.
Permatech offers the perfect washing result together with our detergents with flowDos dosing system. Fat solvents, stabilised oxygen bleaches, neutralising agents, detergents for delicates and colours, textile finishers or fibre protection and impregnation are perfectly coordinated.
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Schulthess dosing systems

Schulthess dosing systems
Our dosing systems are unique for each laundry or dry cleaner, because they are individually tailored to the operation, the laundry quantity and the requirements. But they still have a few things in common: Schulthess dosing systems are always economical, ultra-compact – and ingenious.

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Our Flow detergents

FLOW bleach agent

Ecological oxygen-based bleach


• ideal oxygen carrier in washing suds

• absolutely residue-free decomposition

• optimal additive for all detergents

• uniform release of oxygen due to special stabilisers

• can be used as an antichlor

FLOW brightener

Ecological one-shot detergent with optical brightener


• based on renewable raw materials

• outstanding fat and protein dissolving power

• excellent washing performance at low dosage

• highly effective at temperatures as low as 40°C

• excellent dermatological compatibility of washed fabrics (cytotoxicity test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5)

• phosphorus-free

• ideal even for unfavourable water qualities

FLOW delicate

Liquid detergent for delicates and colours


• proof of fungicidal efficacy according to EN 13624 by two independent expert opinions

• excellent dermatological compatibility of washed fabrics (cytotoxicity test according to DIN EN ISO 10993-5)

• pleasant laundry fragrance

• free from optical brighteners, bleach agents and phosphates

• unpleasant odours are a thing of the past

• foam-regulated

FLOW lizerna sept

Liquid bleach and disinfectant concentrate


• hygienically effective even at low temperatures

• ideal additive for pre- and one-shot detergents for stain removal

• can be used in all machines

• the FLOW delicate / FLOW lizerna sept** disinfection washing process meets the requirements for hygienically safe and gentle care of high quality and wash-sensitive fabrics

FLOW fat killer

Neutral fat solvent with optical brightener


• high whiteness starting from 40°C

• special fat-dissolving formulation for every wash

• high pigment and dirt carrying capacity

• excellent emulsifying capacity

• gentle on colours and fabrics

• foam-regulated

FLOW protect

Wet impregnation based on fluorocarbon resin


• water-based fabric protection finish

• water, oil and dirt repellent

• finished fabrics remain breathable

• gives a soft, full handle feel.

• effective even at low condensation temperature

• colour brilliance is preserved

• free from PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate)

• fluorine-reduced thanks to highly branched polymers

FLOW wetClean

Special finishing agent for the wetClean process


• effectively reduces matting of wool and fine animal hair

• reduces susceptibility to creasing

• maintains the ability to iron fabrics

• retains residual moisture in the fibres

• the built-in odour absorber ensures long-lasting freshness

FLOW eco fat killer

Alkaline detergent booster on an ecological basis


• based on 100% renewable active ingredients

• outstanding fat and protein dissolving power

• short soaking time

• highly effective at temperatures as low as 40°C

• phosphate-free

• excellent washing performance even with high water hardness

• very good complexing of iron, manganese and copper

• non-foaming

• high dispersing capacity

FLOW eco neutralizer

Ecological neutralising agent based on citric acid


• ensures reliable neutralisation – regardless of water quality

• leads to stable, neutral pH values in the laundry

• prevents the formation of yellow stains, even when stored in damp conditions

• the product is free from unpleasant odours

• is suitable for all washing processes

FLOW refresher

Concentrated odour absorber


• FLOW refresher is a liquid, concentrated odour absorber

• FLOW refresher reliably removes unpleasant odours using water-soluble active ingredients

• depending on the process, FLOW refresher can be used in the washing or rinsing cycle

• FLOW refresher is suitable for all types of fabrics and can be used in all appliance systems

FLOW starch power

Native liquid starch


• FLOW starch power is a native, liquid wheat-based starch

• FLOW starch power can be used to starch flat linen and garments

• no clouding on dark fabrics

• fabrics get a pleasant feel and silky sheen

• fabrics become easier to iron

Perfect dosing technology for laundries

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