Perfect to the very end:
Ironing and finishing

High-quality ironing and finishing systems make your everyday life easier in next to no time. Our range includes easy-to-use ironing machines, ironing tables, dummy finishers, professional irons and related accessories.



High productivity

Three-dimensional finishing is quicker and better than manual ironing, especially for blouses and other light garments



The ironing and finishing appliances are extremely user-friendly and make your everyday life easier in no time.

The range

Wide selection

A wide range of high-quality products is available, from practical ironing tables to powerful compressors.

Top price/performance


We guarantee a top price/performance ratio for all ironing and finishing appliances.

Ever Press X

When collars and cuffs look immaculately groomed and ironed, professional appearances are guaranteed. It’s quick and easy with this collar and cuff press. With a top result.

Dummy finishers

With steam generator. Basic device with seam tightener, pressure pads, height-adjustable bust, lapel pressure bar. Very small space requirement, only 2 m².

Trouser finishers with built-in steam generator

Patented propulsion system that allows precise longitudinal clamping with integrated anti-stretch control. Adjustment of the clamping position from long to short trousers is performed automatically by the foot pedal.

Ironing tables

Stable swivel arm system with sleeve bar and automatic suction/blowing switching modes. Connections: electric and water.

Further designs and dimensions upon request.


The compressors supply the necessary compressed air for various laundry equipment items, e.g. washing machines, dryers, rotary ironers, presses. With compressed air tank, motor protection, switch and elastic storage.


Steam Up 8 / 16

The steam generator with extra power. Making ironing easy and effective. For results that can be seen.

Folding Machine Lena

The Schulthess folding machine Lena automatically sorts up to three different laundry items by their length, folds them according to the selected program, stacks them on three different piles, and automatically ejects them once the desired number is reached.


Satisfied customers

Indigo Fitness Club Zurich: «Schulthess Machines are Vital to Us»

With several hundred customers exercising regularly at the Indigo Fitness Club, up to 800 dirty towels are produced per day. A reliable and highly professional laundry partner is indispensable.
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Stoos Lodge: “We always knew immediately who to turn to.”

“Eifach anderscht” or “simply different”. This is the slogan of the new Stoos Lodge, which was freshly opened in December. Nothing is mutually exclusive here: big meets small, family meets business, and urban lifestyle meets the traditions of the canton of Schwyz. Stoos Lodge is therefore “refreshingly different” because guests can book everything individually and digitally: services such as room cleaning, breakfast or childcare. Depending on their mood. Schulthess is also enthusiastic about the project – and proud to be part of it from the outset.
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Grammet residential

The Grammet residential development comprises two standalone building complexes with a total of 168 apartments and an area of 17,605 m², built in 2020 in the middle of Baselbiet. 1.5- to 5.5-room apartments are on offer. The Grammet residential development is situated at the foot of the Schleifenberg directly on the edge of the forest and is a short walk from Liestal’s old town and centre. In the midst of nature and culture, wonderfully quiet but packed with action – the new quarter in Liestal is a place to arrive and a place to stay.
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Chic and digital laundry room for the tenants – from which the administration also benefits

Most people do their laundry within their own four walls. But is it worthwhile for landlords to put a separate washing tower in each flat? The example of the Flurhaus in Freilager Zurich shows that there is another way.
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Bürgenstock Resort & Spa

The Bürgerstock Resort is located in central Switzerland at 1128 m above sea level. The resort has always been a popular holiday destination. Since the Grand Hotel was built in 1873, famous personalities from all over the world have resided here - Charlie Chaplin or Audrey Hepburn are just two to be mentioned here. After the Bürgenstock reopened in 2017 after nine years of construction, it included four hotels, a medical wellness centre, top business infrastructure, numerous gourmet restaurants and the 10,000 m2 Bürgerstock Alpine Spa. The resort is a 60-hectare landmark and covers an area of one kilometre.
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Ehrendingen-Freienwil Fire Brigade

The Ehrendingen-Freienwil AG fire brigade ensures safety in both communities. With the new SchulthessWashing machine fire protection clothing and uniforms are washed so that the firefighters are always ready.
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Coiffeur Salon Parisi

Haircut capes, terry towels - hair salons accumulate a considerable amount of laundry, with washing machines and dryers running non-stop. The same applies to Parisi Hair Salon in Meilen, ZH. Since this spring, stylists there have found relief in a Schulthess wash tower. Discover the connection between a laundry machine and chitchat in the lounge area here.
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The Alpina Gstaad

This little big hotel with 56 rooms and suites opened in December 2012. High above the village of Gstaad, The Alpina Gstaad is enthroned with a magnificent view of the Saanenland and the Bernese Alps. Inside the hotel, guests can expect local art and craftsmanship, all discreetly luxurious and of first-class quality. The Alpina Gstaad and the Swiss quality washing machine manufacturer Schulthess are also a fresh team when it comes to laundry. 
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Clinica Hildebrand

The Clinica Hildebrand Centro di riabilitazione Brissago is one of Switzerland’s leading rehabilitation clinics. Specialising in neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, it lives by the motto ‘always providing the best services for patients in all respects’. The clinic’s partners also have to comply with this principle, which is why Schulthess was chosen. The Clinica Hildebrand is located directly on Lake Maggiore and has a fantastic view of the lake and the chains of hills. ‘The favourable location is important for our patients, as it makes their stay more pleasant, has a supportive effect on the rehabilitation process and creates optimal conditions for the therapy sessions,’ says Daniele Mazzoleni, the infrastructure manager. In addition to the innovative and interdisciplinary range of therapies, the clinic impresses with its modern infrastructure, designed to offer patients the best conditions for rehabilitation. In keeping with the clinic’s philosophy: Only the best for our patients!
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Serata Zizers

Organised as a foundation with a clear mission, the focus at the Serata nursing home has always been on the individual person with his or her unique dignity. The residents can participate in the Christian life in the house. Of course, people of other faiths also feel at home at Serata. Values and quality embody a supporting role. This also applies to the Serata partners, and thus also to the Schulthess laundry solution. ‘For us, the focus is on the individual person, his or her well-being is our greatest concern,’ says Rolf Roider, home manager at Serata Zizers. When you accompany him through the rooms at the nursing home, you quickly realise what is meant by this: Each person is treated with respect and esteem. The contact is cordial, people pay attention to each other and there is a lot of laughter. The Serata offers care places, retirement flats and studios in which people can live autonomously. There is also a dementia ward where people can move around safely without an escort. The gastronomic offering is also impressive: The healthy, fresh selection for internal and external guests is highly appreciated and can also be ordered as catering.
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