Indigo Fitness Club Zurich: "Schulthess Machines are Vital to Us"

No Need to Bring Towels from Home

Experience fitness and relaxation at the highest level – in the heart of Zurich. With a major benefit: clients only need to bring their workout clothes, as everything else is provided by the Indigo Fitness Club. This is a great advantage for those with limited time for exercise in their busy everyday lives, as they don’t have to worry about bringing different towels for training, showering and sauna, and carrying them round all day.

Up to 800 Dirty Towels per Day

“That is our major unique service,” says Deputy Manager Gian. “Guests can grab as many towels as they need at the reception and simply toss them into the laundry basket after working out.” With several hundred clients regularly training at the Indigo Fitness Club, up to 800 dirty towels accumulate daily. A reliable and highly professional laundry partner is indispensable in this case.

Schulthess Machines in the Glass Showcase

“We tested services from various providers and ultimately chose Schulthess,” Gian explains. The two washing machines and dryers run all day due to the large volume of laundry. And they are located in a prominent place: the Schulthess machines are showcased in the middle of the fitness club in a glass display case – beautifully presented and visible to all guests. “The machines are our centerpiece. Similar to an open kitchen in a restaurant, we want to show them off,” adds the Deputy Manager.

Schulthess Machines inside the Indigo Fitnessclub Zurich

"Always Someone Available to Assist"

Ease of use, large capacity, and sustainability. Gian mentions these three points when asked why the Indigo Fitness Club chose Schulthess as their laundry partner. He also praises the outstanding service: “If we encounter a problem, there is always someone available to assist us within 24 hours.” Without the excellent collaboration with Schulthess, the unique towel service that Indigo Fitness Club offers its clients would not be possible. “The Schulthess machines are absolutely crucial to us!”

Business type

Fitness center / Fitness club

Type of laundry

Customers’ laundry such as workout, shower and sauna towels.

Laundry/Day load

Up to 800 towels a day

Machines in use

2x proLine washing machines
2x proLine dryers