Stoos Lodge: "We always knew immediately who to turn to."

Individually and digitally bookable services

“Eifach anderscht” or “simply different”. This is the slogan of the new Stoos Lodge, which was freshly opened in December. Nothing is mutually exclusive here: big meets small, family meets business, and urban lifestyle meets the traditions of the canton of Schwyz. Stoos Lodge is therefore “refreshingly different” because guests can book everything individually and digitally: services such as room cleaning, breakfast or childcare. Depending on their mood. Schulthess is also enthusiastic about the project – and proud to be part of it from the outset.

Schulthess as a competent skilled partner

The Swiss laundry expert is responsible for Stoos Lodge’s in-house laundry. Everything the guests need throughout the day is transported up to Stoos Lodge by train – including the laundry. The people in charge therefore wished to be able to get everything washed in-house and brought Schulthess on board as a skilled partner for this purpose.


Dosing system 8DOS4 with detergents

Dryers L-R: D200  (10KG), 2x TRI 9750  (30KG)

One source for everything thanks to the One-Stop-Shop

With the One-stop-Shop, Schulthess offers the full product range for the entire cycle, from soiled to hygienically clean laundry. Stoos Lodge has also benefited from this: in addition to the machines, laundry scales, trolleys and folding tables – everything comes from a single source. A particularly practical feature of the One-Stop-Shop is that there is the same contact person for all products. “We have benefited enormously from this. If we had a technical problem, we knew immediately who to contact. The support was always on site very quickly,” enthuse the people in charge of housekeeping.

Washing machines L-R: 2x WMI300  (30KG), W100  (11KG), topLine 8940 (7KG)

Rotary iron: MSI 37/175 D

Schulthess convinces thanks to Swiss Made

Stoos Lodge is committed to sustainability, one of the reasons why Schulthess was chosen. All its products come from Switzerland. “The demands on the laundry are quite high. With 101 rooms, there is a mountain of laundry every day to be dealt with as quickly as possible,” say those in charge. Schulthess makes sure that the bed linen, toweling and guest linen are ready for the rooms in no time. This means that the Schulthess laundry in Stoos Lodge is “refreshingly different” as well.

Ironing table Varioset CR2

Year of foundation

Reopened December 2022

Specific details

Innovative hotel concept with focus on sustainability

Perfect for families, friends and seminars

Number of beds



Company and flat linen, guest linen

kg laundry/week

approx. 3,000 kg