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Grammet residential development: Tenants wash and dry with Schulthess

Between city life and the edge of the forest

The Grammet residential development comprises two standalone building complexes with a total of 168 apartments and an area of 17,605 m², built in 2020 in the middle of Baselbiet. 1.5- to 5.5-room apartments are on offer. The Grammet residential development is situated at the foot of the Schleifenberg directly on the edge of the forest and is a short walk from Liestal’s old town and centre. In the midst of nature and culture, wonderfully quiet but packed with action – the new quarter in Liestal is a place to arrive and a place to stay.

168 Schulthess washing towers

There are Schulthess washing towers in all 168 apartments. Washing towers are a combination of a washing machine and a clothes dryer. “The residents are very satisfied,” said Oliver Galinaz, site manager at Eiffage Suisse AG. Why did they choose Schulthess appliances? “Schulthess machines are durable and perform well. We have already had good experiences with the Schulthess firm in other properties,” explained Oliver Galinaz.


The advantages for the tenants

The Swiss premium quality of the machines guarantees robustness and durability. For example, the outer and inner washing drums are made of high-quality chrome steel instead of plastic. The benefits are obvious: They are extremely durable, very hygienic and can be recycled. Thanks to the Super Silent function, the motor of the Schulthess machines ensures very quiet operation, which is important for the harmonious and undisturbed coexistence of the tenants.

What does the administration say?

For the administration, the Schulthess brand is an important factor in increasing the attractiveness of the apartments. It is also satisfied with the installation of the machines. It went off incredibly smoothly and as planned by the site management. Assembly was carried out in several stages, and the lifts were particularly practical for uncomplicated transport to the apartments.

Grammet Liestal Badezimmer

Interested parties can take an online 3D walkthrough of a 4.5- or 3.5-room apartment: