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Serata Zizers

Serata Zizers retirement and nursing centre: the best care all round!

Organised as a foundation with a clear mission, the focus at the Serata nursing home has always been on the individual person with his or her unique dignity. The residents can participate in the Christian life in the house. Of course, people of other faiths also feel at home at Serata. Values and quality embody a supporting role. This also applies to the Serata partners, and thus also to the Schulthess laundry solution. ‘For us, the focus is on the individual person, his or her well-being is our greatest concern,’ says Rolf Roider, home manager at Serata Zizers. When you accompany him through the rooms at the nursing home, you quickly realise what is meant by this: Each person is treated with respect and esteem. The contact is cordial, people pay attention to each other and there is a lot of laughter. The Serata offers care places, retirement flats and studios in which people can live autonomously. There is also a dementia ward where people can move around safely without an escort. The gastronomic offering is also impressive: The healthy, fresh selection for internal and external guests is highly appreciated and can also be ordered as catering.

Laundry solution tailored exactly to your needs

The Serata nursing home has had a turbulent time. The recently completed conversion, new building and extension involved a move to Maienfeld, which not only put a strain on people but also on the indispensable infrastructure. Even the laundry was taken along, temporarily built and fitted back into the new building in accordance with a laundry concept developed by Schulthess. ‘The Schulthess laundry expert presented us with a concept that absolutely convinced us,’ says Rolf Roider. Based on a Schulthess total solution, which included analysis, concept, all appliances (from washing machine, dryer and rotary ironer to the laundry hanging device), consulting as well as installation and relocation support, the optimal laundry was developed in cooperation with the architect and the housekeeper.

Schulthess makes everyday laundry work easier

The energy-efficient Schulthess solution corresponds to the Serata building, which was constructed to the Minergie standard. The integrated heat recovery and the resource-efficient Schulthess appliances support the closed ecological cycle. Doing everything with one provider was and is very much appreciated by all involved: The fast and straightforward communication channels supported the dense planning, meaning time and money could be saved. The daily laundry work with the Spirit proLine and industrial machines, which are precisely tailored to Serata’s needs, also runs flawlessly: the touch of a button is all it takes and the machines gently dose, wash and dry all kinds of fabrics without any further effort. This smooth process is also due to the clear and fast Schulthess training on site. This training complements the overall Schulthess solution, helps improve the day-to-day running of the laundry and supports the durability of the appliances.

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Christian setting


60 full- and part-time staff


All types of fabrics: From cashmere jumpers to workwear and gastronomy table linen to bed linen with special hygiene requirements.

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1 tonne

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22 retirement flats