Success story: Professional

The Alpina Gstaad

With five stars into the future

This little big hotel with 56 rooms and suites opened in December 2012. High above the village of Gstaad, The Alpina Gstaad is enthroned with a magnificent view of the Saanenland and the Bernese Alps. Inside the hotel, guests can expect local art and craftsmanship, all discreetly luxurious and of first-class quality. The Alpina Gstaad and the Swiss quality washing machine manufacturer Schulthess are also a fresh team when it comes to laundry. 

Large variety of fabrics with high demands

A tour of the hotel, past the staff in their uniforms, gives an idea of the variety of linen. This summer, the Spirit industrial WSI 200 washing machine and the Spirit proLine TRI 9550 dryer will be heavily used for the pool area’s demanding towel laundry. The Spirit topLine 8040i machines and the TW 8420 dryers are used for guests and staff alike. This combination of appliances ensures the necessary flexibility in the washing area and avoids any bottlenecks. The 19-minute express programme for quick guest laundry has proven to be popular. ‘And under no circumstances should employees’ clothes still smell after washing, which we can be sure of with the Schulthess wetClean process,’ stresses Daniela Probost. The Alpina Gstaad follows this principle and it also applies to the hotel’s suppliers and service providers. On the choice of Schulthess Maschinen AG, the head housekeeper says: ‘Swiss origin is very important to us, not only where it’s visible at first glance. The relative proximity, the good name and the reliability of the Schulthess machines meant we did not take long to reach a decision. The joint trial period has now been successfully completed and we are impressed by the quick service as well as the excellent cooperation.’

Year established

The Alpina Gstaad was reopened in December 2012. The old Grand Hotel Alpina was owned by the Burri family from 1907 until the 1990s. The current owners are Marcel Bach and Jean-Claude Mimran.

Of special interest

A luxurious little gem in the hotel industry


Winter: 160 employees, summer: 120 employees


Staff uniforms, shirts, trousers, towels, kitchen linen and cleaning cloths 

Lbs. (kg) laundry/year

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