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Oberwaid – Kurhaus & Medical Center, St. Gallen

The Kurhaus Oberwaid is spacious and modern: the perfect place for recovery with a view of Lake Constance. Stress, burnout, obesity, cardiovascular problems, diabetes and stomach diseases are treated here. It is also recommended for post-operative cures. Thomas Weber, CEO of Oberwaid – Kurhaus & Medical Center, says: ‘Our treatment concepts, the hotel facilities and the general equipment meet the highest standards. In addition, the movement analyses and training concepts, the nutritional coaching and the SMART cuisine developed for the needs of modern people are essential elements of the Oberwaid cure.’ 

Optimal equipment for needs-based laundry care 

To cope with the sometimes 2,250 kg of laundry per week or 108 tonnes per year, Schulthess has put together the ideal equipment pool of Spirit topLine, proLine and industrial washing machines and dryers. Simplicity and minimisation of sources of error were the top priorities when designing the laundry. This means that everything works with automatic detergent dosing. Sophisticated predefined programming has also been devised. For example, you can select the curtain or blouse programme at the touch of a button. The centrepiece is the automatic towel folding machine, which prepares towels perfectly. ‘If we didn’t have this machine, three employees would be folding towels all afternoon,’ says Sandra Schättin, Head of Housekeeping. The finishing area is also optimally equipped. The Schulthess solution is impressive: During tours, guests envy the Oberwaid laundry solution, which the housekeeping manager proudly presents.

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Lbs. (kg) laundry/year

2250 kg