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Home médicalisé de la Sarine

Home médicalisé de la Sarine: With Schulthess there are no more limits!

Home médicalisé de la Sarine: With Schulthess there are no more limits! The HMS retirement home with its innovative range of services for Fribourg and the catchment area impresses with its professional care and constant new approaches to the well-being of its residents. The focus is on quality, including in the laundry. This has just been significantly expanded and now also works for external customers. The HMS retirement home is located in the countryside right next to Fribourg in Villars-sur-Glâne on a hill with a view of the beautiful countryside. Elderly people from Villars-sur-Glâne and the surrounding communities (Saane district) spend the autumn of their days here. They are well cared for and arrange their days with a wide variety of activities that are tailored to their needs. In addition to four old-age wards, there are two wards that are specially designed to meet the needs of elderly people with emotional problems. Two doctors are also available at all times to address health-related concerns. The ample comfort of the single rooms for all residents is particularly appreciated.

The large new laundry is impressive

With Schulthess there are no more limits!

‘Finally we have a big laundry with all the necessary appliances. Now we can wash, dry, iron and press more ecologically and efficiently,’ says the manager of HMS, pointing proudly to the spacious laundry area. Whereas previously there was little space available for the entire laundry, there is now a professional laundry solution developed and implemented by Schulthess precisely for the requirements of HMS. The decision in favour of Schulthess was easy for HMS: a convincing price offer, positive experiences from the past and a laundry solution concept developed by Schulthess were impressive in the evaluation phase. proLine and industrial washing machines and dryers are now used for washing and drying, while in the finishing area a wide variety of fabrics are immaculately cared for by means of rotary ironers and ironing stations. With the preprogrammed and fast Schulthess programmes, you can move more quickly, which saves detergent, electricity, money and time.

The time saved means that capacity is available for smaller, regional external laundry customers. A laundry contract for an external retirement home has already been accepted. The three HMS laundry employees and an apprentice now not only wash their own demanding fabrics, but they also serve external customers. ‘If we had not planned the new laundry on a large-scale basis, this job would have been impossible to handle,’ says Ms Nanchen, the most experienced and senior laundry employee. ‘But we can offer even more: All the HMS employees can bring their garments such as coats, ski suits, two-piece suits, etc., to us at a favourable price. Thanks to the Schulthess wetClean system, everything is cared for gently and in a way that preserves its value. That is very much appreciated.’ And finally, Ms Nanchen says that she can easily wash everything, absolutely everything: ‘Il n’y a plus de limites avec Schulthess!’

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New concept in laundry


175 part- and full-time staff


There is no limit: Residents’ clothes, bed linen, tablecloths, napkins, coats, suits, uniforms, curtains, sensitive fabrics such as silk blouses, woollen pullovers, mops, etc.

Lbs. (kg) laundry/week

1 tonne

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