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Clinica Hildebrand

Schulthess is the partner that matches our philosophy

The Clinica Hildebrand Centro di riabilitazione Brissago is one of Switzerland’s leading rehabilitation clinics. Specialising in neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation, it lives by the motto ‘always providing the best services for patients in all respects’. The clinic’s partners also have to comply with this principle, which is why Schulthess was chosen. The Clinica Hildebrand is located directly on Lake Maggiore and has a fantastic view of the lake and the chains of hills. ‘The favourable location is important for our patients, as it makes their stay more pleasant, has a supportive effect on the rehabilitation process and creates optimal conditions for the therapy sessions,’ says Daniele Mazzoleni, the infrastructure manager. In addition to the innovative and interdisciplinary range of therapies, the clinic impresses with its modern infrastructure, designed to offer patients the best conditions for rehabilitation. In keeping with the clinic’s philosophy: Only the best for our patients!

Small and cramped was yesterday

Much is still possible

The Clinica Hildebrand is continuously being expanded, improved, extended and rebuilt. Infrastructural improvements are a constant theme. Recently, the outdated appliances in the laundry room, which no longer met today’s needs, also came under the spotlight. In the evaluation for a new, modern laundry solution, Schulthess was recommended by criteria such as positive experiences in the past, the thoughtful room design, the recommended solution in terms of appliances, but not least also with regard to the targeted advice and the relationship of trust built up over the years. Whereas work used to be done in a small, cramped laundry room, today we can enjoy a spacious laundry. Not only does it create better working conditions and make everyday work easier, but it also handles more laundry in-house in less time and demanding fabric types are washed gently and hygienically. This increases independence from any external service provider. ‘Schulthess is also the right partner for us from an economic standpoint,’ says Daniele Mazzoleni.

Since the new laundry has been in use, the work has become more pleasant: The washing and drying processes are clearly structured thanks to the use of the new washing machines in the Spirit eMotion, industrial or proLine lines. It’s only a couple of paces to the rotary ironer or ironing station. This enables the laundry to be processed efficiently. Ecological savings are also evident: less water and electricity are consumed. The programmes are preprogrammed and make operation of the appliances simple and fast. Dosing is still done by hand, but the computer-controlled dosing system is already being planned.

Year established

Founded in 1957, clinic opened in 1963

Of special interest

Rehabilitation clinic specialising in neurological, musculoskeletal and geriatric rehabilitation.


320 employees, apprentices and trainees


All the types of fabrics that may arise: from bed linen and towels, to doctors’ and nursing uniforms, to table linen and demanding patient linen (fine fabrics).

Kg of laundry/year

30 to 40 tonnes

Receiving care

100 patients