Swiss tradition. Swiss innovation.

Schulthess has been the leading Swiss washing technology group since 1845 and stands for innovation in laundry care. As pioneers, we constantly break new ground with the aim of simplifying your everyday life. We set standards in environmental protection and sustainability, which is why we invest heavily in research and development.

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People spin for different reasons: Children for fun and adults to stay fit or become happy - like dancing, for example. Schulthess has another reason: since 1845, their machines and the company itself have been spinning for joy!

Schulthess offers customer service

as it should be:

professionally and reliably.


Go clean. Go green.

So that future generations can also live in an intact world, we develop and produce particularly energy-efficient washing machines and dryers that use a minimum of water and electricity. For example, the washing drums inside Schulthess washing machines are made of high-quality chrome steel instead of plastic. This material is not only more hygienic but also 100% recyclable. Because our environment does not tolerate lip service.

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Conserve resources
extreme longevity
− 88 %
Spare parts available for a long time
− 83 %
short transport
Digital solutions

IOT solutions for smart washing

Schulthess appliances are equipped with IOT technology. With washMaster we offer a digital payment system for the communal laundry room or laundromat. The optimal solution for settling accounts simply and in a way that takes account of the user. With practical hygiene monitoring, it is possible to prove at any time via the cloud that hygiene regulations have been observed.

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Payment methods
Machine monitoring

Intelligent technology. Everyday life becomes more relaxed.


Smart everyday aids

Schulthess appliances simplify life in a clever way –

Smart Operation Control means that Schulthess appliances have a consistent operating concept from the smallest to the largest machine. The user interface is logically and intuitively
designed and so also easy to use for speakers of other languages.

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Smart everyday aids

Schulthess washing machines and dryers simplify life in a clever way – at the touch of a finger. From the clear Smart Control panel to the Favourites function and revolutionary 3D washing: Our technology innovations make your everyday life more relaxed.

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3D Wash
Silent Motor

Schulthess provides its services passionately, comprehensively and diligently.

In Switzerland

Expertise meets passion

We advise you passionately and expertly and, with a total of 282 dealers and eight customer service branches throughout Switzerland, we are sure to be near you.

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Elegant and award-winning – Schulthess design

Schulthess has always focused on a clear, purist design language for its machines. Free of frills, its appliances visually represent what they are made of: sophisticated technology, fast programmes, maximum energy efficiency and Swiss quality. Recipients of the coveted Red Dot Award, they are true design gems.

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Our appliances for private households and apartment buildings are robustly built and designed for extreme durability. This makes your everyday life easier and pays off.

Private homes

Smart washing programmes, ergonomic, intuitive and simple operation and thoughtful extras such as the Supersilent function make Schulthess the right choice for your household.

Apartment buildings

The demands on washing machines and dryers for apartment blocks are particularly high. We at Schulthess are well aware of that. Which is why there are so many unique innovations for apartment block models.

Contract business

When things go awry on the construction site, short and, above all, binding delivery times are what matters. We promise you Swiss punctuality! This means machines ordered today will be delivered tomorrow.

Laundry technology

In the commercial and industrial sector, laundry volumes have to be handled in ever shorter times. Modern technologies and optimal use of resources ensure excellent results in next to no time.

Laundry accessories

A well-organised laundry needs suitable additional appliances for rational, hygienic and user-friendly processes. Schulthess also offers a wide range of aids and technical appliances in this area.


With our experience in ecological and efficient laundry solutions, we can provide expert support in the planning and implementation of your new laundry and work with you to find the right solution.


Schulthess laundry solutions are built to withstand the rigours of commercial and industrial environments and are tested to 30,000 loads, equivalent to a 20-year lifespan. All appliances are easy to use, are economical in consumption and offer high process reliability.

Service 24/7

Here everything revolves round you.

Our customer service is there for you around the clock. In case of urgent concerns, we will be quickly on site to remedy faults. Trust our dedicated and highly qualified service technicians – they will solve your problems in the shortest possible time.

Customer magazine

Schulthess magazine


Pollenclean – Spring fever without pollen

Sneezing attacks in spring are a thing of the past. Schulthess tumble dryers with Pollenclean filters effectively remove even the smallest pollen particles from textiles. Enjoy the spring without annoying sneezing! Request a consultation now Remove plant pollen Clothes, blankets, curtains and even non-washable fabrics are gently freed from plant pollen in just a few […]
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Imagefilm dreht vor Freude

Schulthess is Spinning for joy

As a washing technology pioneer, Schulthess has been inspiring people since 1845. See in the new image film what makes the Swiss traditional company and its machines and services special – and let yourself be infected by the joy!

smartHeat – Get the license for sustainable washing

What many don’t know: Washing machines consume much more energy for heating water than for spinning, for example. Studies by Stiftung Warentest show that the hot water connection saves up to 75 per cent electricity.


Water instead of chemicals: This new way of wet cleaning is ingeniously simple! With Schulthess wetClean, almost all materials can be cleaned in one batch, so it’s no longer necessary to sort by fibre type or material composition. The process is even suitable for leather and highly sensitive fabrics. Each load utilises 60% of the drum capacity, which has an impact on process time: cleaning, drying and finishing in just one hour.
Private homes

Hygienically clean with Schulthess

Hygiene requirements are becoming increasingly stringent. Schulthess offers innovative and tested disinfection programmes to meet these needs.

The Game Changer

The new proLine washing machine from Schulthess revolutionises the washing experience It’s never been easier to save time, cut costs and protect the environment while getting more laundry done: The new proLine from Schulthess gives a boost to laundry washing. With the fastest washing programmes currently available, you can manage up to 500 more laundry loads each year. Thanks to perfectly aligned programmes, you save electricity and water with every wash. These high-quality industrial appliances for professionals are as robust and durable as ever. Swiss quality that pays off.
Laundry tips

Waschmaschinen-Tipps für Allergiker

Immer mehr Menschen kämpfen mit Allergien und den damit verbundenen typischen Beschwerdebildern. Die Gründe sind vielfältig, die Ursachen liegen aber auch an einer vermehrten Verwendung von Chemikalien, Zusätzen und der Umweltbelastung. Es gibt verschiedene Arten von Allergien, die sich zum Beispiel in einer Tierhaarallergie oder auch einer Hausstauballergie äussern können. Viele Allergieauslöser setzen sich in Textilien fest und sorgen dafür, dass die Betroffenen bei unzureichenden Hygienemassnahmen einem ständigen Kontakt ausgesetzt sind. Daher ist es wichtig, Textilien regelmässig so zu reinigen, dass die Allergene verschwinden. Dies gelingt mit der richtigen Waschmaschine sowie weiteren Massnahmen wie der Wahl des richtigen Waschmittels.
Apartment buildings

The new energy label

From 2021, the division into energy efficiency classes and the content will change on the EU energy label. The appearance of the label will also be updated. As both technical developments and purchasing behaviour have changed in recent years, an improvement in the current EU energy label is necessary. The new label rescales the energy efficiency classes. Classes higher than A are eliminated (A+, A++, A+++). Classification is now from A to G. The new categorisation is the same for all appliance types and is determined by new measurement methods. The new energy labels were introduced for our washing machines under the best classification of label A in March 2022. The new EU energy label is intended to highlight other variables that play a role in the appliance’s sustainability. For washing machines, for example, the water consumption per wash cycle is indicated. Consumers can find more product information on the EPREL database, to be made available by the EU from 1 March 2021. There you will find data sheets for all electrical appliances and gain a comprehensive insight into each product’s sustainability and resource consumption. The first household appliances with the new label will be washing machines, combined washer-dryers, dishwashers, refrigerators, freezers and wine storage appliances. They must carry the new EU energy label from 1 March 2021.
Private homes

Current energy label

The current energy label has existed in its present form since 2012 and provides information on the efficiency class of electrical appliances and other information such as energy and water consumption. The current energy label classifies all electrical appliances in classes D to A+++, with the majority of new electrical appliances being in classes A+ to A+++. This gives the impression that all appliances are energy-efficient and sustainable, though this is not necessarily the case. In addition to the efficiency classes, the label contains pictograms with further information about the appliance, such as energy and water consumption, noise emission values or maximum load. For washing machines and dishwashers, water and energy consumption is currently expressed in annual values.
Laundry tips

Weicher Wollpullover

Kuschelweich und wunderbar flauschig: So sollten sich unsere Lieblingsstücke aus Wolle immer anfühlen. Doch was, wenn der Wollpullover plötzlich unangenehm auf der Haut kratzt? Keine Sorge: Das gute Stück muss fortan kein Leben im Kleiderschrank fristen. Denn mit der Hilfe Ihrer Waschmaschine und unseren Tipps wird der Pullover wieder samtweich.


Schulthess – always near you

Wir beraten Sie gerne

Finden Sie einen Berater in Ihrer Nähe! Mit insgesamt 282 Händlern und acht Kundendienst-Niederlassungen in der ganzen Schweiz sind wir gerne für Sie da.

Wir beraten Sie gerne

Finden Sie einen Berater in Ihrer Nähe! Mit insgesamt 282 Händlern und acht Kundendienst-Niederlassungen in der ganzen Schweiz sind wir gerne für Sie da.