The wetClean process protects the environment

Water instead of chemicals: This new way of wet cleaning is ingeniously simple! With Schulthess wetClean, almost all materials can be cleaned in one batch, so it’s no longer necessary to sort by fibre type or material composition. The process is even suitable for leather and highly sensitive fabrics. Each load utilises 60% of the drum capacity, which has an impact on process time: cleaning, drying and finishing in just one hour.

Sustainability from A to Z: With low consumption values for electricity and water, consideration is given to the ecological balance. The value-preserving, textile-friendly wetClean process also increases the service life of the fabrics, in turn cutting procurement costs.

Problem laundry? No such thing

The special wetClean wash programmes from Schulthess are perfectly tailored to the needs of hospitals and nursing homes. This makes kitchen laundry, incontinence laundry, disinfection laundry, mop covers or overalls absolutely hygienically clean. Aggressive chemicals are no longer necessary. The wetClean process from Schulthess is based on water – an environmentally friendly alternative.

The perfect combination for professionals: In the wetClean process, the Schulthess dryers ideally complement the washing machines. This professional combination ensures that the best results are achieved. The Schulthess dryers prepare the fabrics perfectly for the finish. The specific drying process prevents creasing, which reduces ironing to an absolute minimum.

wetClean is ideally suited to these fabrics:

  • Hospital and care laundry: also incontinence laundry and disinfection laundry
  • Kitchen laundry
  • Mop covers
  • Overalls
  • Outerwear such as coats, trousers, jackets, waistcoats, jumpers (made of wool, angora, silk, cashmere)
  • Wedding dresses, ball gowns
  • Breathable sportswear and rainwear, down jackets, ski suits (made of Goretex or Sympatex)
  • Woollen blankets, bedspreads and blankets for rheumatics, duvets and sleeping bags
  • Protective clothing for fire brigades and rescue services
  • Uniforms, workwear
  • Leather articles and motorbike clothing 

You can rely on these care symbols

These care symbols are important for your wet cleaning:

  • wetClean normal
  • Normal laundry
  • Wet cleaning necessary
  • wetClean sensitive
  • Sensitive laundry
  • Wet cleaning necessary
  • Drying to 15% residual moisture
  • wetClean very sensitive
  • Very sensitive laundry
  • Wet cleaning necessary
  • Tumble drying and line drying

The Swiss Association for Textile Labelling (Sartex), as a member of the international association Ginetex, aims to define and promote a correct worldwide care labelling system based on symbols protected by trademark law.