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Washing machines

Washing machines from Schulthess are full of good ideas: The smart wash programmes wash gently and quickly to perfection, even at low washing temperatures, require little water and thus ensure first-class energy efficiency. And with the Supersilent function, annoying noise emissions are definitely a thing of the past.  To ensure that appliances fit perfectly into the living space, they are available both in pure white and in elegant colours. This is how you wash today.


Save electricity efficiently


Schulthess machines are energy-efficient and regularly win top marks, which is continuously confirmed by the European energy label.

Easy to operate

Smart Control

With our appliances, you understand right away how they work. Thanks to the clearly arranged control panel, you can operate the machines quickly and easily at the touch of a finger.

Thoroughly cleaned laundry

3D Wash

Impeccably clean laundry in under an hour. Normally soiled laundry is cleaned quickly and thoroughly with the innovative 3D Powerclean special programme.


Long life

The outer and inner washing drums are made of high-quality chrome steel instead of plastic. The benefits are obvious: They make the appliances extremely durable, recyclable and also very hygienic.

Swiss quality

Swiss made

Since it was founded, Schulthess has stood for Swiss quality: The robustness and durability of Schulthess machines are legendary. 


Silent Motor

The Schulthess Supersilent function avoids waking your baby. Thanks to special insulation and low-noise drive motors, the washing machine washes extremely quietly. 

Short wash programmes

15 minutes

The Quickwash programme cleans small loads at 30°C in 15 minutes. Also excellent for washing new fabrics for the first time or freshening up swimwear.

Understated design

Red Dot Award winner

The clear language of form and scaled-back design with angular chrome-plated doors are the visual hallmarks of Schulthess machines. Which is why our Spirit models have been awarded the coveted international Red Dot Award design prize.

Welche Maschine passt zu mir?

Wash programmes


The additional programme for the needs of allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin or increased hygiene requirements. It effectively removes mites, pollen, bacteria, fungi and viruses from fabrics.


Thorough programmes for your home fabrics: microfibre cleaning cloths, bed linen and towels, down and curtains. It also includes the Autoclean machine cleaning programme.


Business clothing is usually only lightly soiled. This programme washes your blouses, shirts, trousers, jeans and light sweaters gently and with a crease-free result.


Special programme for demanding babies’ and children’s clothing. Heavily soiled fabrics (even nappies) are thoroughly cleaned and intensively rinsed to protect babies’ sensitive skin. The special feature of this programme: it even washes plastic toys.


Angora, cashmere or silk: the Softcare programme takes care of fine and delicate textiles made of natural fibres.


Your Schulthess machine remembers your preferences and automatically saves the 6 most frequently used programmes. A world first: you have the option of seeing your 6 favourite programmes on the display when you start the machine.


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