Schulthess Waschmaschine Red Dot Award Design Maschine

The Game Changer

The new proLine washing machine from Schulthess revolutionises the washing experience

It’s never been easier to save time, cut costs and protect the environment while getting more laundry done: The new proLine from Schulthess gives a boost to laundry washing. With the fastest washing programmes currently available, you can manage up to 500 more laundry loads each year. Thanks to perfectly aligned programmes, you save electricity and water with every wash. These high-quality industrial appliances for professionals are as robust and durable as ever. Swiss quality that pays off.

Bring a top professional into your team

For new washing records with guaranteed hygiene

The latest generation of our state-of-the-art commercial and industrial appliances has been adapted to sector-specific needs. Professional cleaning is guaranteed because of the multilingual operation panel and profiClean programmes. With wetClean, for example, you have a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to dry cleaning, and germs have no chance thanks to disinfection programmes.

W65      7kg 65l

W80      9kg 80l

W100    11kg 100l

W130    14kg 130l

W160    18kg 160l


The new generation of machines in an overview

Key Features «Expert»

Key Features «Expert +»

The Professional version also includes the following additional features:

Every professional needs a perfect partner

It’s all about drying

No matter how efficient powerful washing machines are, if the laundry builds up in front of the dryers, the time advantage is gone. Therefore new dryers are also a part of the new proLine generation from Schulthess. These professional dryers also boast speed and great savings potential. Benefits in an overview:

Key Features «Expert»


Our professional expertise at your disposal

With our experience in ecological and efficient washing solutions, we can provide you with expert support and advise you on your ideal new appliance. Just call us or send us an email.