Apartment blocks 

Real endurance runners - washing machines for maximum use.

Schulthess apartment block models play to their strengths particularly well in communal laundry rooms: The washing machines wash gently and quickly to perfection, even at low washing temperatures, require little water and thus ensure first-class energy efficiency. They are also durable, easy to use and multilingual.


Large drum capacity 

8–9 kg

Our washing machines for apartment blocks have a particularly large drum (8–9 kg) – also suitable for very large items such as pillows or duvets. Great

Hygiene through self-cleaning 


The Autoclean machine cleaning programme cleans the washing drum so that it is absolutely clean and 100% germ-free in just 25 minutes, preventing dirt and pathogens being transferred to other tenants.

Space-saving stacking kit

0,5 m2

With the stacking kit, you need just half a square metre to set up the Schulthess washing machine and dryer as a washer-dryer tower combination. The practical washing tower combines two machines in a space-saving way.

Extreme durability

Chrome steel

The Schulthess washing drums inside the machines are made of high-quality chrome steel. The benefits are obvious: They are more robust, more hygienic and extremely sustainable.

Suitable for allergy sufferers


Allergy sufferers can breathe again at last: Mites, pollen, bacteria and fungi don’t stand a chance. This also makes people with sensitive skin happy.

Thoroughly rinsed out


With the Water+ higher water level, dirt and detergent residues are thoroughly.rinsed out. Specially recommended for delicate baby skin and allergy sufferers.

Swiss quality

Swiss made

Since its foundation, Schulthess has stood for Swiss quality: The robustness and durability of Schulthess machines are legendary.

Ecological connection

Hot water/rainwater

Ecologically produced hot water saves up to 80% electricity; rainwater is limescale-free and requires around 20% less detergent than hard water.

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The full programme for clean coexistence 


Allergy sufferers can breathe again at last: Mites, pollen, bacteria and fungi don’t stand a chance. This also makes people with sensitive skin happy. 


The cleaning of home fabrics such as bed linen and towelling, down or curtains is particularly thorough with this wash programme. 


Blouses, shirts and suit trousers require especially gentle treatment. A wash programme that saves a trip to the dry cleaner. 


Heavily soiled babies’ and children’s laundry is thoroughly cleaned and intensively rinsed with consideration for sensitive baby skin. 


Sensitive fabrics such as angora or cashmere clothing need particularly gentle care to remain wonderfully soft over the long term. 


The Express wash programme is suitable for more heavily soiled laundry up to 4kg.

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