Chic and digital laundry room for the tenants - from which the administration also benefits

Flurhaus in the Freilager in Altstetten near Zurich

Most people do their laundry within their own four walls. But is it worthwhile for landlords to put a separate washing tower in each flat? The example of the Flurhaus in Freilager Zurich shows that there is another way.

The Freilager is a large development in Altstetten near Zurich. The name reminds us that the site was used as a bonded warehouse from 1923 until the 1990s. Today, it is home to a large residential quarter with a village character, which has been steadily developing residential building by residential building since 2013. There are also beautiful green spaces and shopping facilities in the immediate vicinity. The Flurhaus has recently become part of this: since spring 2022, 50 flats can be found here, which are particularly suitable for singles, couples and small families. This also includes a chic laundry room, which is equipped with
15 Schulthess washing towers has been equipped. In cooperation with Artek AG, these could be installed. Schulthess machines are known for their longevity, reliability and the low water and electricity consumption.

Comfort for the tenants

Joel Blaser, Account Manager of Artek AG, is satisfied with the machines and the cooperation with Schulthess. Why did Artek AG choose Schulthess machines in particular? “We work with Schulthess because the company is a leader in laundry technology. Another reason is that we want to offer our customers high quality and convenience,” says Joel Blaser.

The laundry room actually deserves the name laundromat, as it is very stylish, has a special lighting concept and a red and white tiled floor. Incidentally, the same was also laid in the bathrooms of the individual flats. It was important to the architects that the residents also feel comfortable in the laundry room.

Each tenant has a lockable box in the laundry room. These boxes are located opposite the machine wall in a long red sideboard. Tenants can deposit detergent, clothes pegs and other utensils there. This way, less has to be carried from the flat to the laundry room.

The QR codes on the washing machines reveal another highlight: digitalisation has arrived in this laundry room! In the laundry room in the open-air storage area the washMaster has been installed. It offers tenants an extra service – and relieves the administration.

The Schulthess-washMaster is an intelligent platform for networked washing. All machines are digitally connected via WiFi. Tenants can conveniently select their washing appointment on site or from the sofa via app. This efficiently prevents laundry room squabbles …
Payment is also made via the washMaster app.

The corridor house has a digital laundry room
The laundrette is equipped with 15 washing towers

And convenience for the administration

The washMaster not only offers convenience to the tenants, but also takes work off the landlord and the administration. Nadine Styger, manager of ZF Immobilien, is very satisfied with the washMaster. It effectively makes her work easier. Because the washMaster is a complete solution for digital payment in communal laundry facilities. Live data provide an overview of machine utilisation, and the digital turnover analysis including utilisation optimisation is visible at all times. Nadine Styger also has the option of creating a utilisation analysis, which gives her control over the washing behaviour of the tenants. This is done simply by pressing a button in the app. If a machine needs to be serviced or repaired, landlords can easily have it blocked via the app.

How does the washMaster work exactly?

Quick check in the washMaster app: Yes, the washing machine is available and so is the tumble dryer. So down to the laundry room, load the laundry, select the programme and start! With the new washMaster washing and payment system, the machines are connected to the internet. Tenants log in conveniently via PC, tablet or smartphone, see whether the machine is free and are informed by push notification when the wash cycle is finished. In short: washMaster is the digital all-in-one solution for communal laundry facilities.

What are the advantages?

For the tenants:

  • Bye, bye laundry room squabbles – A solution that fits perfectly into our time: Tenants wash spontaneously and flexibly, the laundry room is then immediately free for the next user. Appointments are kept and disputes in the laundry room are avoided. Another plus for administrations: The machines are used even more efficiently via the online laundry calendar.
  • Flexible payment – Paying for washing and drying services is also easy: tenants pay with the washMaster card. This is topped up online with a credit card, e-banking or Twint, and offline with a payment slip. The credit balance is visible on the card at all times.
  • Washing pleasure – users can reserve washing appointments, pay conveniently with their smartphone and are reminded of the washing appointment in good time. There are no more laundry room conflicts. A message is sent at the end of the programme. In addition, the duration of use (also per user) can be limited so that everyone gets their turn. And: For offliners, there is an analogue solution with prepaid cards.
  • Secure and sustainable – The washMaster platform is DSGVO-compliant, data protection is guaranteed at all times. Payments are PCI-DSS compliant. The platform is powered by 100 per cent renewable energy.

For the administrations:

Less effort and more time for essentials

  • Simplified purchasing process – machines, digital platform, installation and service come from a single source. Administrations only pay for what they need and benefit from innovative financing models.
  • Increased profitability and effectiveness – From now on, service life, maintenance windows or machine utilisation can be controlled and planned digitally. Programme prices can be adjusted with a click. The low investment costs are quickly amortised. Administrations thus benefit from extensive cost savings and increase the attractiveness of their offer.
The same tiled floor is laid in the bathrooms of the flats
Laundry smells good with the Flow laundry detergent