Bürgenstock Resort & Spa

A luxury resort above Lake Lucerne (Vierwaldstädtersee)

The Bürgerstock Resort is located in central Switzerland at 1128 m above sea level. The resort has always been a popular holiday destination. Since the Grand Hotel was built in 1873, famous personalities from all over the world have resided here – Charlie Chaplin or Audrey Hepburn are just two to be mentioned here. After the Bürgenstock reopened in 2017 after nine years of construction, it included four hotels, a medical wellness centre, top business infrastructure, numerous gourmet restaurants and the 10,000 m2 Bürgerstock Alpine Spa. The resort is a 60-hectare landmark and covers an area of one kilometer.

Bürgenstock Resort und Spa

High demands - also on the in-house laundry

The in-house laundry at the Bürgenstock Resort was put into operation in 2018. Lingerie manager Sofia Brilhante and her team are responsible for checking, sorting, storing and issuing staff uniforms, table linen and kitchen linen. The guests’ clothes are also washed here. The Schulthess washing machines and Schulthess tumble dryers are in use all day. “Thanks to the new Schulthess washing machines, we are more efficient, we can wash more volume and the washing machines are programmed according to our wishes,” Sofia Brilhante enthuses. To ensure the best possible service, the in-house laundry also has a doll finisher that processes the blouses and shirts, a trouser topper that irons the trousers, and a mangle that finishes the kitchen laundry. “Thanks to the Schulthess finisher system, we can save a lot of time because we no longer have to iron anything by hand,” says Sofia Brilhante. The guests’ laundry is brought directly to their rooms. The staff’s freshly laundered uniforms go to the clothing distribution system. There, the employees can obtain new clothes with their badge as soon as they have returned the used ones. This system is uncomplicated because a chip is embedded in each item of clothing. This means that you can check where each item of clothing is at any time. The lingerie manager is enthusiastic about the longevity and robustness of the Schulthess equipment – “the price-performance ratio is great!

All-round service from Schulthess

“The demands here at Bürgenstock are high, which is why we opted for the complete service from Schulthess,” says the lingerie manager. The Schulthess one-stop shop offers the entire range for the cycle from soiled to hygienically clean laundry. From washing machines, tumble dryers, detergents and dosing systems to ironing and finishing equipment, transport and weighing systems as well as competent service, everything for a laundry can be found at Schulthess. “Thanks to Schulthess’ one-stop shop, I have only one contact person who is always at my side,” says Sofia Brilhante.

Year of foundation

New construction 2017


Laundry in a luxury resort


Every day, about 6 to 7 people work in the laundry.


Staff uniforms, table and kitchen linen, guests’ clothing