Ehrendingen-Freienwil Fire Brigade

The Ehrendingen-Freienwil AG fire brigade ensures safety in both communities. With the new Schulthess Washing machine fire protection clothing and uniforms are washed so that the firefighters are always ready.

98,000 firefighters are active in Switzerland for fire protection and general assistance. The fire brigade can be reached at all times via the emergency number 118. The fire brigade performs an important service for our country – the firefighters’ free time for the safety of the Swiss population. The approximately 105 members of the Ehrendingen-Freienwil Fire Brigade fire brigade in the canton of Aargau ensure the well-being of the inhabitants. They are a large force and new people are recruited time and again – but this is not always so easy. The members of the fire brigade complete various exercises several times a month in order to be fit for their missions. With their vehicles, they are always ready to go out. Normally, the Ehrendingen-Freienwil fire brigade has about 15 operations per year. Most of them are minor incidents such as water damage; fortunately, accidents and fires are rare. However, the year 2021 was exceptional – with 48 calls, the firefighters had to express more often than they have done in a long time. This is due to the devastating storms. The Ehrendingen-Freienwil fire brigade always sticks together. It is like a big family, everyone knows everyone. They master the missions together in a good mood and in a good spirit. Even after experiences that are more difficult to deal with, they are always there for each other.

Feuerwehrmänner in action

Schulthess washing machine at the fire brigade

The Ehrendingen-Freienwil fire brigade has had a Schulthess washing machine with a dosing system since August 2021. There is room for 16 kilograms of laundry per wash cycle; that’s about five items of clothing. From woollen blankets and fire protection clothing to work clothes and gloves, everything is washed here in the Schulthess washing machine. The Schulthess Laundry dryer they bought second-hand. According to Pascal, the material supervisor, the washing machine is very easy to operate: After you have chosen the number of the desired wash cycle, you press start – and it starts washing by itself.

The detergent is supplied by the dosing system. It automatically selects one of the following schulthess-Detergent detergents: FLOW delicate, FLOW eco fat killer or FLOW protect. It then feeds the correct amount of detergent into the washing drum. This system can save a large amount of detergent; good for the wallet and the environment. “In the fire brigade, it pays to do the washing yourself,” Pascal explains. Good quality and durability of the washing machine pay off. “In the long run, it’s cheaper in the end,” says Pascal.

Feuerwehrmann bedient Waschmaschine
Dosiermittelanlage an Waschmaschine

Good cooperation with Schulthess

The Ehrendingen-Freienwil fire brigade was convinced by the good quality, durability and robustness of the Schulthess-Washing machine convinced. In addition, the responsible persons were optimally accompanied by Schulthess. The salesman in charge was on site before and after the installation to keep an eye on things. The Ehrendingen-Freienwil fire brigade was also able to master the challenges together with Schulthess. Space in the basement is limited, so a solution had to be found for the placement of the washing machine. In the end, it was placed on the side of the wall so that the passage in the cellar was not blocked. The machine was programmed by a Schulthess technician – the programmes are tailored to the needs of the fire brigade. They were all loaded onto a stick and deposited behind the washing machine. In the event of a malfunction, the technician in charge now knows exactly which programmes the machine has and can simply upload them again. “The support and customer service were super,” says Pascal, “because that’s the only way to be sure that everything works in the end.” The material maintainer can only recommend Schulthess.


Not much space for installing the washing machine


105 firefighters


Wool blankets, fire protection clothing, work clothing, gloves

kg laundry/week

Varies; approx. 1 wash per week