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Enhancing the Salon Experience with Schulthess Wash Tower

Discover how Parisi Premiumstyle in Meilen, Switzerland, revolutionized their salon experience with the Schulthess wash tower. Experience premium service, stylish design, and efficient laundry solutions for a truly professional touch.

"We were ecstatic with joy!"

Haircut capes, terry towels – hair salons accumulate a considerable amount of laundry, with washing machines and dryers running non-stop. The same applies to Parisi Hair Salon in Meilen, ZH. Since this spring, stylists there have found relief in a Schulthess wash tower. Discover the connection between a laundry machine and chitchat in the lounge area here.

Veronica Parisi, a third-generation hairdresser and founder of Parisi Premiumstyle Hair Salon in Meilen, on Lake Zurich, runs the salon. Veronica understands what is important to her clients: “We strive to offer our clients a premium experience, where they can enjoy our services and feel at home.” That’s why the tastefully decorated salon features a small coffee bar and an adjacent lounge area. The ambiance is enhanced with matching plants and decorative accessories, creating a stylish atmosphere. The cozy sofas and armchairs invite clients to relax before or after their makeovers. In the lounge, the results of the styling sessions are captured and shared on social media platforms. Veronica Parisi particularly enjoys the before-and-after experiences in her profession: “My work helps my clients unleash their full potential. Witnessing their radiance after a makeover brings me great joy.”

"Remarkable Differences"

Previously, the salon had a conventional wash tower. However, it no longer met the laundry demands; at times, stylists had to wait an entire day for a laundry cycle to complete. “To me, the difference between the old and new washing machine is tremendous,” says Veronica sincerely. Another issue arose: “The wash tower was located in our lounge area, and the old dryer was so noisy that we could hardly hold a conversation. We had to choose between talking to each other or drying our laundry. Moreover, the terry towels didn’t smell fresh and didn’t feel pleasant either.” In their predicament, the team got creative: “We started drying haircut capes with hairdryers and placing the terry towels in the sun. This allowed us to prevent an acute shortage of laundry,” recounts Junior Stylist Alessia Savardi. “With the new wash tower, everything is so quick now. The terry towels are dry within 45 minutes, and we can have conversations alongside our tasks.” Occasionally, they also use a care program if they have the time. Alessia is also satisfied with the machine’s operation and the modern interactive color display: “From the beginning, it was clear and understandable to me how to operate the machine.”

"The whole team is thrilled."

There was immense joy when the old wash tower was replaced with the new Schulthess wash tower. “We were ecstatic with joy!” laughs Veronica. Even two months after its installation, she remains impressed. “My entire team is delighted. The machines look fantastic, are very quiet, and complete their cycles so quickly!” Veronica is unstoppable when recounting her experience. With the starLine appliances, Schulthess has developed a robust and high-performance product line tailored to the needs of small businesses and service providers, such as Parisi Hair Salon.

Clients Inquire

Word spread among clients that a new wash tower had been installed at the hair salon. “Some have already mentioned that the terry towels are softer and have a better scent. That’s why some asked me if we started using a new detergent.” She then explained that they had new machines. “The difference is genuinely noticeable; the towels are much softer now.”

Stylish Design Object of Premium Quality Despite the machines’ inner values, there is a particular feature that Veronica repeatedly highlights: “I think the wash tower looks incredibly stylish!” People often don’t consider the appearance of appliances. “Schulthess gets it just right. The machines have a certain style, and I especially like the anthracite color. It perfectly matches our lounge area.” Veronica also observes the high-quality materials used. Quality is another plus point: “You can simply tell that the devices are of premium quality. It naturally complements the service we provide in the salon.”

Shared Values

For Veronica, who is originally from Italy, nothing is more important than family: “I love the familial atmosphere because I have also worked in a family business. Here in the salon, we spend the entire day together. I find it beautiful when the team is on the same wavelength. We laugh together and have fun. Our clients appreciate that – some have become part of our family.” That’s also why Veronica Parisi likes the Schulthess brand. “Schulthess was once a family business, and the CEO is also the owner. Moreover, Schulthess is a traditional brand. It makes me feel like part of a family: Schulthess is nearby when needed, and their service technicians promptly support us.” Veronica Parisi, her team, and their clients all benefit from the new starLine wash tower by Schulthess and appreciate the premium quality of a Swiss product.

Year of establishment



Hair salon


Hand and terry towels, as well as hair cutting capes

Laundry load per week

Approximately 90 kg

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